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  • marigotensis
Lasionectria marigotensis
Christian Lechat
Genre Lasionectria
Espèce marigotensis
Autorités Lechat & J. Fourn.
Classe Sordariomycetes
Sous-Classe Hypocreomycetidae
Ordre Hypocreales
Famille Bionectriaceae
Substrat Coco nucifera, leaf
Herbier CLLGUAD11002
Localité French West Indies, Guadeloupe, Vieux Habitants, Marigot, l’Anse à la barque
Pays France
Leg. C. Lechat
Det. C. Lechat & J. Fournier
Date de récolte 03-08-2011
Remarque Differs from known Lasionectria species in white to pale orange ascomata with erect non-fasciculate hairs evenly scattered on surface and relatively small, smooth-walled ascospores.

Mycotaxon Volume 121, pp. 275–280