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22-10-2017 11:37

lowen roz

Hypomyces leotiarum Fayod 1885 is the Sepedonium (

22-10-2017 10:33

Elisabeth Stöckli

Bonjour,  Je cherche l'article suivant: H. Schü

20-10-2017 22:50

Thorben Hülsewig

Hi there,i found this Anamorph fungus on a death s

19-10-2017 21:33

Yatsiuk Iryna Yatsiuk Iryna

Dear all,I have found this Orbilia in CWU herbariu

20-10-2017 18:07

Pintos Angel Pintos Angel

hello;anybody has....?Apiospora sinensis K.D. Hyde

19-10-2017 21:36

Yannick Mourgues Yannick Mourgues

Bonoir.Est-ce qu'il existe une clé de ce genre ?

19-10-2017 17:20

Garcia Susana

Hola,Los apotecios eran muy pequeños, el mayor me

20-10-2017 09:23

Garcia Susana

Este otro crecía en el mismo trocito de madera qu

15-02-2010 17:18

Jean-Claude Malaval

Je suis allé vers Fenestella vestita. La majorit

19-10-2017 00:27

Yannick Mourgues Yannick Mourgues

Bonsoir.Je cherche à savoir si son site web sur l

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Hypomyces leotiicola
lowen roz, 22-10-2017 11:37
Hypomyces leotiarum Fayod 1885 is the Sepedonium (S. leotiarum) anamorph of H. leotiicola Rogerson and Samuels 1985, According to the latest ICN there is ony one name for each fungus. Hence H. leotiicola iand Sepedonium leotiarum iare synonyms. The names are still listed separately in both Index fungorum and Mycobank but one name must be chosen according to the rules.
François Bartholomeeusen, 22-10-2017 11:53
Re : Hypomyces leotiicola
Hi Iowen,

Thank you for the information. Probably the oldest name will be chosen as Lothar suggested namely Hypomyces leotiarum. For the moment I still take no action....hopefully once everything is clear!


François Bartholomeeusen