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20-07-2018 07:04

Blasco Rafael Blasco Rafael

Hola puede ser la Orbilia que priopongo ??sonre ma

19-07-2018 13:29

Savic Dragisa

I think this is Peziza tenacella, the ornamentatio

19-07-2018 20:31

Blasco Rafael Blasco Rafael

Hola, He visto en casa estas muestras al mirar Orb

19-07-2018 10:09


Bonjour à toutes et tous,Trouvé sur berge raide

19-07-2018 00:11

Thorben Hülsewig

Hi there,today i found on ground this ascomycet th

18-07-2018 18:33

Guillaume Eyssartier

Bonjour à tous, je vous envoie cet étrange asco

15-07-2018 17:56

Riet van Oosten Riet van Oosten

Hello, Found 14-07-2018 on Phragmites australis (

18-07-2018 18:02

Elisabeth Stöckli

Bonjour, Trouvé sur feuilles mortes d'Eriophorum

17-07-2018 21:24


Voici un asco blanc récolté dans un fossé tourb

15-07-2018 15:07


Bonjour à toutes et tous,Je pense avoir trouvé S

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Libertella faginea or Phomopsis quercella? => Libertella faginea
Riet van Oosten, 07-07-2018 18:09
Riet van Oosten
Hello forum,

Found 05-07-2018 in woodlane with fagus and quercus.

We think the host is fagus but are not 100 % sure ...

On fagus:

Ellis & Ellis, p. 136: Libertella faginea: "conidia curved, hyaline, mostly 15-19 x 1-1.5, issuing in long twisted, glistening honey-yellow tendrils or sometimes broad ribbon-like bands. Very common on trunks and branches. July-Oct."

Teleomorph:  Eutypella quaternata

On quercus:

Ellis & Ellis, p. 219: Phomopsis quercella: "conidiomata becoming erumpent through longitudinal slits, black. A-conidia fusiform, pointed at each end, biguttulate, hyaline, 8-12 x 2-3   B-conidia curved or hooked, 20-30 x 1.5-2   On dead twigs."

Teleomorph: Amphiporthe leiphaemia

Libertella faginea fits well .....

Greetings, Riet
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Peter Püwert, 07-07-2018 20:30
Peter Püwert
Re : Libertella faginea or Phomopsis quercella?
Hi Riet,

in my opinion is the host fagus and the fungus Quaternaria/ Eutypella/ Libertella.....

Greetings Peter 
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Riet van Oosten, 07-07-2018 20:42
Riet van Oosten
Re : Libertella faginea or Phomopsis quercella?
Hi Peter,
Glad to hear that, thank you very much!
Beautiful pictures!
Greetings, Riet