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On cow dung. (1) Apothecia: diam.: 1-2 mm. Hymen

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Christian Lechat Christian Lechat

Dear friends, I would like to know if somebody ha

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Renée Lebeuf

Bonjour à tous, Je sollicite votre aide pour

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spores 29,0-33,0*23,6-25,4 , Q=1,2-1,4

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I'm looking for someone who works on the genus Pha

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Bonsoir, Je viens de faire une récolte singuli

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Jean Pierre Dechaume Jean Pierre Dechaume

Trouvé sur branche de noyer, en groupes, soit ser

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Bonsoir, Quelqu'un aurait-il de la doc sur Phaeos

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Bonjour à tous Quelques individus de ce petit di

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Pablo Chacón Pablo Chacón

Buenas noches, Necesito alguna idea para empezar

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cheilymenia cf pulcherima ?
VASILEIOS KAOUNAS, 26-01-2009 19:32
On cow dung.
(1) Apothecia: diam.: 1-2 mm. Hymenium: orange to orange-yellow
(2) Asci: 8-spored, diam: (16) 18-19 (22) μm
(3) Ascospores: uniseriate, (18,5) 21-24 (28) x 11-13,5 (16) μm, some with gelatinous seath
(4)(5) Paraphyses: septate, cylindrical with flatened tips, diam. 4,5-5,5 μm at tips 4,8-6 (7) μm,
(6) Marginal hairs: 140-300 x 15-17 μm, septate
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VASILEIOS KAOUNAS, 27-01-2009 10:32
Re:cheilymenia cf pulcherima ?
Can somebody help in his recognition?
Christian Lechat, 27-01-2009 12:19
Christian Lechat
Re:cheilymenia cf pulcherima ?
could you please to send us a photo of ascospores in coton blue and one of hairs base?
VASILEIOS KAOUNAS, 27-01-2009 12:33
Re:cheilymenia cf pulcherima ?
Unfortunately I do not have this possibility .
NC NC, 27-01-2009 21:42
Re:cheilymenia cf pulcherima ?
I agree with Christian. It’s difficult to say without seeing the bases of the hairs and the perispore in coton blue.
I have examined recently material of C. pulcherrima from North-eastern Spain. The apothecia are typically columniform (not discoid) and smaller: the maximum diameter is 0.5 mm. The hairs does not overcome 220 microns, have 3-4 septums, and the bases are simple. The perispore is smooth in coton blue seen under x1000 oil immersion lens.

Carles Roqué
Richard Korf, 27-01-2009 22:51
Re:cheilymenia cf pulcherima ?
Have you consultef the monograph by Moravec: A World Monograph of the Genus Cheilymenia (Discomycetes, Pezizales, Pyronemataceae) Jiri Moravec IHW Verlag. Softcover | 2005? You will see why a cotton blue mount of spores is necessary, as well as information on whether the spore sheath loosens when heated. And also though you show 2 hairs, you failed to photograph the base of the hairs, a very important feature. A difficult genus, requiring much work on your part.

Dick Korf
VASILEIOS KAOUNAS, 28-01-2009 20:11
Re:cheilymenia cf pulcherima ?
Hello. The type studies him my friend and finally it accomplished it makes what you asked.
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VASILEIOS KAOUNAS, 28-01-2009 20:18
Re:cheilymenia cf pulcherima ?

VASILEIOS KAOUNAS, 30-01-2009 12:38
Re:cheilymenia cf pulcherima ?
They helped the new elements?
Christian Lechat, 30-01-2009 18:05
Christian Lechat
Re:cheilymenia cf pulcherima ?
unfortunately, the photos of ascospores are not interpretable, I'm sorry.

All the best