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08-08-2018 19:44

Andgelo Mombert

Bonsoir à tous,Apothécies de 0,5-1 mm de diamèt

15-08-2018 21:56

Andgelo Mombert

Bonsoir à tous,Sur pétioles et nervures de feuil

16-08-2018 16:08

Blasco Rafael Blasco Rafael

Hola, he recogido esta muestra sobre tronco de Abi

15-08-2018 15:45

Gernot Friebes

Hi,we collected this Scutellinia a few days ago on

11-08-2018 19:10

Sven Heinz Sven Heinz

Hello together, does anyone have any idea what th

15-08-2018 10:24

Gernot Friebes

Hi,found on the bark of an old Picea tree at appro

13-08-2018 09:43

Pintos Angel Pintos Angel

hello, anybody has?Barr ME, Cannon PF (1994) Calos

08-08-2018 12:43

Castillo Joseba Castillo Joseba

De ayer en bosque de Fagus, entre el musgo sobre l

12-08-2018 10:01

Tapio Kekki

These were growing on gravel of a creek. Place is

11-08-2018 01:19

Matthias Mann Matthias Mann

Dear Specialists, on Alnus Stem I found Chlotoci

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Cf. Cryptohymenium
Guillaume Eyssartier, 18-07-2018 18:33
Bonjour à tous,

je vous envoie cet étrange ascomycète récolté au sol en Nouvelle-Calédonie (je ne suis pas le récolteur). Il semble tout à fait original, bien qu'il partage quelques affinités, notamment microscopiques, avec Cryptohymenium pycnidiophorum.

La partie centrale, noire, est illustrée sur les photos 3 et 4 : on y observe des loges avec des phialides et des conidies, alors que la partie verte, lobée, contient asques et paraphyses.

Merci pour vos avis !

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Hans-Otto Baral, 18-07-2018 20:49
Hans-Otto Baral
Re : Cf. Cryptohymenium
Cher Guillome,

great collection! Indeed there are strong similarities to C. pycnidiophorum described from New Zealand. Do you have spore measurements?

I see in the Landcare database that the species was quite often collected in New Zealand, and also a single sequence exists, regrettably only ITS, which does not show a relationship to Dermateaceae, where the genus is currently placed, but a high distance to everything.

Do you also have a section of the hymenium? It is subapically under a covering layer? I wonder how asci with apical ring can shoot their spores unless the covering layer ruptures before.

Joey JTan, 18-07-2018 21:45
Re : Cf. Cryptohymenium
Guillaume Eyssartier, 20-07-2018 12:11
Re : Cf. Cryptohymenium
Dear Zotto,

thank you for your prompt answer.

I will try to observe a section through the hymenium quickly, and of course I won't forget to measure the spores. The ITS if this colletcion is closely related to Cryptohymenium, but significantly different (93 % of similarity). I asked also for the LSU.

To be continued...

Hans-Otto Baral, 20-07-2018 15:20
Hans-Otto Baral
Re : Cf. Cryptohymenium
A you have a sequence. Indeed 7% is pretty much!