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01-02-2023 16:57

Ethan Crenson

Hi all,On a recent visit to the Bahamas, I had a l

01-02-2023 10:30

Lothar Krieglsteiner Lothar Krieglsteiner

... on old herbaceous stem (likely Tropaeolum maju

01-02-2023 09:30

Lothar Krieglsteiner Lothar Krieglsteiner

.. 29.1.23 near Carrapateira (W-Coast of Algarve),

31-01-2023 17:07

Marja Pennanen

Hello folks, I have found these brown ones (~1cmx

01-02-2023 09:35

Lothar Krieglsteiner Lothar Krieglsteiner

... 29.3.23 near Carrapateira (W-Algarve, Portugal

31-01-2023 13:50

Savic Dragisa

Regards to allAn unusual finding, especially for m

31-01-2023 19:58

Nogueira Héctor

Hello!25/01/2023 Argañoso(León) SPAIN  Specime

29-01-2023 18:19

Bernard CLESSE Bernard CLESSE

Bonsoir à toutes et tous,Pourriez-vous confirmer

28-01-2023 23:39

William Slosse William Slosse

Good evening everyone,I recently bred an Ascobolus

28-01-2023 22:17

Josep Torres Josep Torres

Hola.Unos pequeños apotecios de color amarillo y

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Xenonectriella physciacearum?
Niek Schrier, 13-11-2022 18:16
hi everyone,

I found this Xenonectriella/Pronectria like fungi grwing on Phaeophyscia orbicularis. I think it is Xenonectriella leptaleae (synonym for Pronectria leptaleae). Update: it is now called Xenonectriella physciacearum

The ascomata protrude from the thallus of the host and are appox. 250 um in diameter. young spores are transparent and smooth, 2 celled, broadly ellipsoid, slightly constricted at the septum. Mature spores are light orange/brown and have a tuberculate surface, measuring 12.5 - 14.6 x 7.3 - 9.1 um (n=9). All microscope photos are in K.

Can anyone confirm this is Xenonectriella physciacearum ?

Kind regards,
Niek Schrier

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Alain GARDIENNET, 13-11-2022 19:58
Re : Xenonectriella/Pronectria leptaleae?
Hi Niek,
Now called Xenonectriella physciacearum, see attached piece.
Niek Schrier, 13-11-2022 20:21
Re : Xenonectriella physciacearum?
Thanks Alain! 
I couldnot download that paper and therefore didnot know it had a new name. I updated the name in the topic and text. It looks like it is Xenonectriella physciacearum as far as I can see for now. We did observed a violet K+ reaction btw.
Franz Berger, 19-11-2022 23:22
Franz Berger
Re : Xenonectriella physciacearum?
Your determination isü confirmed by me, as author of  the referred  paper in Herzogia. Your specimen is a very rich the best I have seen ever.  
Best Franz
Niek Schrier, 23-11-2022 20:47
Re : Xenonectriella physciacearum?
Thank you Franz for the conformation. The specimen was hard to mis, very rich indeed.

Kind regards,