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28-05-2009 06:53

PERIC Branislav

Dear Colleagues, Last month we send call for co

26-05-2009 19:35

Enrique Rubio Enrique Rubio

Hi to all: What's tour opinion about this small (

26-05-2009 15:11

roman vargas alberto

Hey, ces spécimens sont recueillies sur les feuil

26-05-2009 04:57

Roland Labbé

Voici un Disco de la région de Québec qui nous e

25-05-2009 13:47


Bonjour, Voici un petit Sclerotiniaceae que certa

24-05-2009 11:31


J'ai récolté un Mollisia qui me paraît proche d

24-05-2009 10:56


Disco foud on very damp place in a wood, on ground

23-05-2009 12:25

roman vargas alberto

Salut ces spécimens recueillis sur le Rhytisma ac

22-05-2009 19:26

roman vargas alberto

Salut apprécierait opinions à propos de cette co

22-05-2009 17:26

Enrique Rubio Enrique Rubio

Hi t all: Have you some idea about this Pirottaea

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Mycologia Montenegrina
PERIC Branislav, 28-05-2009 06:53
Dear Colleagues,

Last month we send call for collaboration to colleagues, to contribute to our next issue of the journal Mycologia Montenegrina. We missed to send the message to some colleagues. So we deceided to send it to you and extend the deadline to next month June.

Encouraged by the quality of cooperation in our previous issue (Mycologia Monttenegrina Vol. 10 - Pezizales), we have decided to include in the content of our magazine a permanent column Pezizales. In addition, Volume 12 will be dedicated to genus Peziza. Depending on your response and the scope of contributions, this volume will be edited as in the previous publication or as a block of papers. In any case we would like Volume 12 to be a separate publication dedicated to genus Peziza. The deadline to submit papers is the end of 2009. Kindly inform us by the end of May 2009 if you accept this invitation, and also send us any comments or suggestions you may have.

Best regards,

Branislav Peric & Gabriele Cacialli
Richard Korf, 28-05-2009 15:28
Re:Mycologia Montenegrina
I certainly hope you have contacted Karen Hansen at the Natuhjistorische Riksmuseet in Stockholm, probably the world expert these days on Peziza. Her email: <>. It is clear from molecular studies that Peziza needs to be broken into many different genera.

I'd love to receive your journal, and would appreciate information on a subscription. Would you be interested in an exchange for Mycotaxon? If possible I'd like to get all back volumes and deposit those (along with future issues) in the Cornell University A. R. Mann Library. My email:<>.

Dick Korf
PERIC Branislav, 28-05-2009 17:25
Re:Mycologia Montenegrina
Thank you very much for your answer. Yes we have a good communication with Caren Hansen.
Considering exchanging our journals we accept it with pleasure we will write you to your personal e-mail.

Branislav Peric