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29-01-2024 18:51

Dora Papp

Hi all, Unfortunately, I cannot provide more info

28-09-2023 20:57

Margot en Geert Vullings

This cup fungus was found on the ground, not near

28-01-2024 18:23

Pérez del Amo Carlos Manuel Pérez del Amo Carlos Manuel

Hola compañeros, paso este encuentro de ayer que

28-01-2024 05:41

Zuidland Peter

Hello all, I am looking for confirmation that this

17-01-2024 11:31


Bonjour à tous, J'ai besoin de votre Confirmatio

25-01-2024 23:04

Garcia Susana

Hola, Agradecería vuestra ayuda con este pyreno.

24-01-2024 21:25

Robin Isaksson Robin Isaksson

Hi! Sweden: Found on Fraxinus, spores 23-30 x

23-01-2024 14:23

B Shelbourne B Shelbourne

I thought these tiny whitish ascomata look like a

23-01-2024 15:40

B Shelbourne B Shelbourne

I think this could be Sarcoscypha coccinea (or aus

23-01-2024 16:29

Laurent Bonneau Laurent Bonneau

Bonjour, sur laissées de sanglier Ascospores: 6

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xylaria cinerea?
Dora Papp, 29-01-2024 18:51
Hi all, 

Unfortunately, I cannot provide more info than this image but could this be a Xylaria cinerea? 
Subtrate is hard wood, burried in soil.
in tropical forest of French Guiana

Thank you!
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Jacques Fournier, 29-01-2024 21:05
Jacques Fournier
Re : xylaria cinerea?
Hi Dora,
a nice Xylaria indeed.
Unlikely X. cinerea which is temperate species, more acutely ended and with a different coating. Identifying a Xylaria in FG is challenging because of the huge number of species, half of them undescribed.
If you wish to make some progress in this genus, don't rely on macrophotos only but make detailed description sheets, details are essential and require thorough observations.
Good luck,
Dora Papp, 29-01-2024 21:16
Re : xylaria cinerea?
Thank you Jacques! It is really helpful to be reminded of this and at least exclude cinerea :)

I do imagine that these images are not sufficient with many of the species and at this moment I am still trying to orientate myself in between genera...The success of that at least have been confirmed :)

And yes, the problems with so many undiscribed species.

Thanks again and have a nice day.
Dora Papp, 29-01-2024 21:19
Re : xylaria cinerea?
Jacques, would you send me an example of a detailed description sheet? just to get more familiar what to look at.