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04-05-2019 19:30

Eduard Osieck

Is Phoma piskorzii still considered the anamorph s

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Hola, necesito de su ayuda con esta muestra para v

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Guy Buddy

Ver long, slender asci, inamyloid. Spore measure ~

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Can somebody provide pages 40-55 from Barr 1990. M

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Guy Buddy

Found on a Quercus stick from the ground. Superfic

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Anamorph of Leptosphaeria acuta
Eduard Osieck, 04-05-2019 19:30
Is Phoma piskorzii still considered the anamorph stage of Leptosphaeria acuta as concluded by Boerema & Loerakker 1981: "Phoma piskorzii (Petrak) comb. nov., the anamorph of Leptosphaeria acuta (Fuckel) P. Karst. Persoonia 11 (3): 311-315"?

(Abstract: The pycnidial state of Leptosphaeria acuta appeared to be identical with the lectotype of Diploplenodomus piskorzii, and belongs to Phoma sect. Plenodomus. The binomials Phoma acuta, Leptophoma acuta and Plenodomus acuta are misapplied ambiguous names often referring to the anamorph of Leptosphaeria doliolum sensu stricto.).

This link is also referred to in a later paper by Boerema et al. (1994): "Contributions towards a monograph of Phoma (Coelomycetes) – III-1. Section Plenodomus: Taxa often with a Leptosphaeria teleomorph. Persoonia 15: 431–487."

However, neither Species Fungorum nor Mycobank mentions this species as conspecific with Leptosphaeria acuta or as the anamorph of this species. Ellis & Ellis (1996) mention conidia length for the anamorph of Leptosphaeria acuta which clearly does not refer to Phoma piskorzii (which has much longer conidia).
So apparently the anamorph stage has not yet been established with certainty?

Thanks in advance for your help, Eduard

The above-mentioned papers are available online:

Mlcoch Patrik, 05-05-2019 11:25
Mlcoch Patrik
Re : Anamorph of Leptosphaeria acuta
Leptosphaeria acuta isn´t solved to phylogenetic pages yet, I momentaly solved this problem, for the present it look, that it is the genus Plenodomus or something from this group, but decisively no the genus Leptosphaeria s.str. Phoma piskorzii is synonym for Leptosphaeria acuta. On Index fungorum (Species Fungorum) and MycoBank are many errors from wiewpoint clasification of the Leptosphaeria s.l. (many synonym of species this genus there absent and many taxa there are as the separate taxon).
Alain GARDIENNET, 05-05-2019 11:25
Re : Anamorph of Leptosphaeria acuta

Hi Eduard,

Did you consult SIM72 ?


Mlcoch Patrik, 05-05-2019 11:32
Mlcoch Patrik
Re : Anamorph of Leptosphaeria acuta
I have several collections of Leptosphaeria acuta anamorphs and it is the identical with description in Boerema et al. (1994) - conidia are 4-5(5,5) x 1,3-2(2,5) um.
Eduard Osieck, 05-05-2019 15:24
Re : Anamorph of Leptosphaeria acuta
Hi Alain,
Thanks for your comment. Yes I did consult this recent Phoma study.
Unfortunately Phoma piskorzii and Leptosphaeria acuta have not been dealt with in this paper.
Eduard Osieck, 05-05-2019 15:46
Re : Anamorph of Leptosphaeria acuta
Hi Mlcoch

Thank you very much for your comments.

It is good to learn that the conclusion of my countryman, Boerema, appears still to be right.

Please note that the conidia of Ph. piskorzii are a bit longer than you indicated: normally 8-10 x 2-2,5 micron (see extract).

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Mlcoch Patrik, 05-05-2019 16:56
Mlcoch Patrik
Re : Anamorph of Leptosphaeria acuta
Yes, I wasn´t notice it. However isn´t phylogenetisc compiled all species Phoma-like yet, as same as Leptosphaeria s.l. You can see it -

Alain GARDIENNET, 05-05-2019 17:21
Re : Anamorph of Leptosphaeria acuta
Thank you Patrik, it's a great work !
Eduard Osieck, 05-05-2019 17:53
Re : Anamorph of Leptosphaeria acuta
Thank you very much for sharing this great work with us!
All the best, Eduard