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11-10-2020 10:45

Joop van der Lee Joop van der Lee

After 1,5 years of searching I found them again bu

10-10-2020 18:16

Mirek Gryc

HiI am looking for information on P. tenacella fle

10-10-2020 18:05

Viktorie Halasu Viktorie Halasu

Hello,can I call this H. fucatus H-, or are the sp

07-10-2020 20:41

Juuso Äikäs

This I photographed during past June in a moist pl

07-10-2020 13:36

Zuzana Sochorová (Egertová) Zuzana Sochorová (Egertová)

Hello,I have here a collection of Anthracobia from

15-03-2016 15:25

Hans-Otto Baral Hans-Otto Baral

HiI would need the following paper:Sharma 1986, No

07-10-2020 23:24

Viktorie Halasu Viktorie Halasu

Hello,would anyone recognize this nice Hymenoscyph

07-10-2020 14:59

Mirek Gryc

Hi.It will probably be an easy puzzle for you, bec

07-10-2020 15:02

Zuzana Sochorová (Egertová) Zuzana Sochorová (Egertová)

Hello, these fungi grew on soil with small mosses,

07-10-2020 14:28

Mirek Gryc

HiFor now, I only have a few photos because I don'

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Trichodelitschia bisporula
Joop van der Lee, 11-10-2020 10:45
Joop van der LeeAfter 1,5 years of searching I found them again but this time on rabbit pellets i.s.o horse dung.

There has been a lot of discussions about this species which includes the name change by Lundqvist from T. bisporula to T. minuta without underlying documentation resulting in changing of characters.
Now T. minuta has been changed as a synonym of T. bisporula as stated in Species Fungorum so I still stick to the documentation that has been published by renowned mycologists.

The newly found species still have the same characteristics with a measured spore size of 19.0-24.0 um; a 3 part gelatinous sheath and a ring with a hyaline outer wall on top of the germ pore.

It has been called a "polar cap" by some but when you change the focus of the microscope it will bring up another view as you can see on the photos which clearly show the hyaline outer wall and its ring structure. (photo # 4&5).
Photo # 6 shows the ring released from its position. Photos 7&8 show the ring with a hyaline content underneath which is in fact the hyaline outer wall of the ring.
One can change the position by altering the focus and this wrongly visual interpretation probably caused the impression that it has a cap i.s.o. a ring.


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