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Calicium sp
Garcia Susana, 10-12-2013 16:45
Hi all

Found these apothecia growing on old wood of Quercus.
Size up to 1 mm high.
I have come to define the genre as Calicium, but it is difficult for me to determine the species. I think it can be C.salicinum, but I wish someone confirm or reject my hypothesis.
Thanks in advance, greetings.

Susana (Spain)

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Alain GARDIENNET, 10-12-2013 17:18
Re : Calicium sp
Hi Susana,
No problem or C. salicinum. Nice photos.
Garcia Susana, 10-12-2013 20:50
Re : Calicium sp

Garcia Susana, 11-12-2013 00:13
Re : Calicium sp
Hello again

Reviewing the notes of this collect I've noticed that there may be two species of Calicium mixed on the same substrate.
I came back to look at the microscope and I note that there are two types of spores:

1.-spores with spiral ornamentation belonging to the apothecia with brown capitulum and an average size of 8.1-9.1 x 4.2-4.7um, we determine as C.salicinum.

2 -. Larger spores (12.1-13.3 x 5.9-6.5um) with warty ornamentation and irregular cracks, belonging to the totally black apothecia (top left image macro).

These last apothecia could belong to C.abietinum?

Thank you, greetings


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Alain GARDIENNET, 11-12-2013 07:47
Re : Calicium sp

Amazing !

Ascospores are fissurate-areolate, >12 µm, yes it'sprobably  C. abietinum. A very interesting collect !

I suppose that you haven't seen thallus ?

But you also should look towards C. denigratum. Compare the to descriptions to choose.



Garcia Susana, 11-12-2013 19:25
Re : Calicium sp
Hi Alain

First, I have no experiencie in determining this type of fungus.
I looked again the sample.
In my first impression I believed that there was not thallus, I believed it was a very deteriorated surface (Figure 1, left).
Now, I see that appear areas with development of surface thallus (Figure 1, right).
When cut also seems confirmed the presence of surface thallus. One poorly developed thallus.

It would then be C.viride. In two different states of development: young apothecia (brown) and mature (black)?

what do you think?



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Alain GARDIENNET, 11-12-2013 22:16
Re : Calicium sp

It's coming more difficult... often Caliciales are associated.

It's not sure that the green granular thallus is the one of  the two caliciales (perhaps a third one or another lichen). Calicium viride has a green thallus sometimes granular, but some authors give a different spore's ornementation (I read it could be  partially spiraled in C. viride, but sometimes it's said it could be with irregular cracks). Not easy.

Do you want keys for this genus ?



Garcia Susana, 11-12-2013 22:34
Re : Calicium sp
Hi Alain

I used information found on the Internet:
- Http:// for descriptions.

If you have additional information, I would like to receive it.

Thank you very much, greetings


Alain GARDIENNET, 23-06-2018 22:49
Re : Calicium sp

Hi Susanna,

A few days ago, I found the same lichenized fungus. I think it's Calicium glaucellum. But apothecia shloud be pruinose (white) . I will post photos in database.


Garcia Susana, 26-06-2018 13:05
Re : Calicium sp
Gracias Alain, un saludo