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16-05-2019 05:47

Pintos Angel Pintos Angel

Hello, to see if someone can help me with this ?.G

13-05-2019 00:03

Tunahan Çevik

Bunun ne ile yard?mc? olabilir .. te?ekkürler

11-05-2019 18:53

Ron Bronckers

Hi everybody,I am looking for a copy of the follow

15-05-2019 22:15


Bonsoir à toutes et à tous,Je pense avoir trouv

15-05-2019 19:42

Ron Bronckers

Hi everybody,I would be very thankful for a digita

12-05-2019 11:50

Gilbert MOYNE

Bonjour à tous Voici une petite espèce qui m'a

29-06-2016 20:25

Enrique Rubio Enrique Rubio

Hi to everybody These small, superficial, iregula

14-05-2019 19:44

Lothar Krieglsteiner Lothar Krieglsteiner

... growing on small thin twigs of likely Alnus gl

14-05-2019 19:46

Enrique Rubio Enrique Rubio

These small, gregarious apothecia up to 0.5 mm in

14-05-2019 15:45

Lothar Krieglsteiner Lothar Krieglsteiner

... 20.3.19, Portugal, Algarve, Foia, on decortica

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need some help
Pintos Angel, 16-05-2019 05:47
Pintos AngelHello, to see if someone can help me with this ?.Grows on wood of Prunus pisardii  I do not recognize asci or conidiougenous cells. Any help will be welcome
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Lothar Krieglsteiner, 16-05-2019 11:01
Lothar Krieglsteiner
Re : need some help

Hello Angel,

it reminds me a bit of a Chaetomium.

Best regards, Lothar

Pintos Angel, 16-05-2019 12:39
Pintos Angel
Re : need some help
Hello Lothar, thank you for your response. I think it is related to the genus Lophotrichus.
Best wishes