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13-02-2024 11:52

Uwe Lindemann Uwe Lindemann

Hello,I am searching for the following paper: Med

12-02-2024 22:10

Marek Wolkowycki Marek Wolkowycki

Poland, Bialowieza Forest, Fraxino - Alnetum ripar

11-02-2024 18:48

Valencia Lopez Francisco Javier

Hola a todosMe gustaría contar con vuestra opini

11-02-2024 17:40

Thierry Blondelle Thierry Blondelle

HiI would like to have your opinion on this harves

12-02-2024 15:00

Andgelo Mombert Andgelo Mombert

Bonjour,Est-ce que Myriosclerotinia sulcata est sy

12-02-2024 10:38

Margot en Geert Vullings

We have seen these green dots on a dead pine on ba

02-02-2024 19:54

Vasileios Kaounas Vasileios Kaounas

Diameter 1 cm, on rotten wood. Asci 290-327 x 10-

18-01-2024 19:42

Rubén Martínez-Gil Rubén Martínez-Gil

Hola a todos.Subo unas fotos de un pyreno que me e

10-02-2024 22:39

Simon Kennedy

Can anyone help with literature on Capronia  (Reb

10-02-2024 21:04

Stip Helleman Stip Helleman

Hello, can anybody help me with this article and

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Literature search
Uwe Lindemann, 13-02-2024 11:52
Uwe LindemannHello,
I am searching for the following paper: 
Medardi G. 2001. Studio su alcune specie italiane del genere Pulvinula. Bollettino Circolo
micologico G. Carini 42: 30-37.
Does anyone have this article and could send it to me?
Many thanks in advance!
Best, Uwe
François Valade, 13-02-2024 12:54
François Valade
Re : Literature search
Hello UWe

check your mailbox


Uwe Lindemann, 13-02-2024 13:36
Uwe Lindemann
Re : Literature search
Thanks a lot! Best, Uwe