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23-06-2018 19:29

Thorben Hülsewig

Hi there, last week i found this anamorph on rott

24-06-2018 18:40

Andgelo Mombert

Bonsoir,Je suis en train de travailler un lachnum

22-06-2018 18:10

Jan Knuiman

Hello,Yesterday I found these discomycetes with a

23-06-2018 17:35


Here is a very small Helotiales growing on rotting

24-06-2018 03:37

M Jonathan M Jonathan

Je sais qu'il manque des info, mais il est si dist

12-06-2016 23:19

Björn Wergen Björn Wergen

Hi there,today I was in Freibourg (Black Forest) f

08-06-2018 17:05


Bonjour,Trouvé sur vieux Diatrypaceae, environ 25

10-12-2013 16:45

Garcia Susana

Hi all Found these apothecia growing on old wood

23-06-2018 14:31

Castillo Joseba Castillo Joseba

en madera de abetoA ver que os pareceSaludosJoseba

22-06-2018 16:24


Bonjour à toutes et tous,Je pense avoir trouvé P

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Sporormiella pilosa?
Sven Heinz, 11-03-2018 16:57
Sven HeinzHello together,

is this Sporormiella pilosa? I am not sure because i have seen no hairs on the fruit body! The fungi grows on horse dung.
Asci: 250-280 x 25 µ
Spores: 56 x 13 - 14 µ

Greetings Sven
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Norbert Heine, 11-03-2018 22:29
Norbert Heine
Re : Sporormiella pilosa?
Hello Sven,

this should be Sporormiella pilosa.
Spores are typical for this species, although a little bit small.
I know them with 55-62 x 13-15 µm.
I found it two times without or nearly without hairs.
Horse dung is according to my opinion the main substrate.

Sven Heinz, 12-03-2018 16:43
Sven Heinz
Re : Sporormiella pilosa?
Hello Norbert,

thanks for help!

Greetings Sven