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23-06-2018 19:29

Thorben Hülsewig

Hi there, last week i found this anamorph on rott

24-06-2018 18:40

Andgelo Mombert

Bonsoir,Je suis en train de travailler un lachnum

22-06-2018 18:10

Jan Knuiman

Hello,Yesterday I found these discomycetes with a

23-06-2018 17:35


Here is a very small Helotiales growing on rotting

24-06-2018 03:37

M Jonathan M Jonathan

Je sais qu'il manque des info, mais il est si dist

12-06-2016 23:19

Björn Wergen Björn Wergen

Hi there,today I was in Freibourg (Black Forest) f

08-06-2018 17:05


Bonjour,Trouvé sur vieux Diatrypaceae, environ 25

10-12-2013 16:45

Garcia Susana

Hi all Found these apothecia growing on old wood

23-06-2018 14:31

Castillo Joseba Castillo Joseba

en madera de abetoA ver que os pareceSaludosJoseba

22-06-2018 16:24


Bonjour à toutes et tous,Je pense avoir trouvé P

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Re : Phaeosphaeria => Pleosporaceae => Pleospora abscondita
Riet van Oosten, 18-05-2018 18:38
Riet van OostenHello,

Found 17-05-2018, The Netherlands.
On: Phragmites australis.

Spore sizes: 31.9-32.2-32.6-32.9-34.6-35.0-35.8-36.3-38.3-38.6 x 8.9-10.0-10.0-10.3-10.3-10.6-10.7-10.9-11.3-11.4 µm.
Q = 3.3  n = 10

Vagispora vagans doesn't fit .....
Ellis & Ellis p. 465: spore sizes 20-32 x 7-10
Shoemaker and Babcock p. 1574:  23-28 x 8-10

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Mlcoch Patrik, 11-06-2018 21:11
Mlcoch Patrik
Re : Phaeosphaeria, subgenus Vagispora or ........
This isnt Phaeosphaeria, but rather something from the Pleosporaceae - characteristic presence longitudinate septum.
Riet van Oosten, 11-06-2018 21:24
Riet van Oosten
Re : Phaeosphaeria, subgenus Vagispora or ........
Hello Patrik,
Thank you very much for your help!
Greetings, Riet
Chris Yeates, 13-06-2018 04:49
Chris Yeates
Re : Phaeosphaeria, subgenus Vagispora? => Pleosporaceae
Hello Riet

Despite the slightly larger spore measurements I would still be tempted to call this Phaeosphaeria vagans. In my experience there can be variation in ascospore dimensions with these fungi.

Also, the presence of muriform spores does not exclude Phaeosphaeriaceae - they are known in this family.

Best wishes

Riet van Oosten, 13-06-2018 08:44
Riet van Oosten
Re : Phaeosphaeria, subgenus Vagispora? => Pleosporaceae
Hello Chris,

Yesterdag I searched in the direction Patrik suggested.

I came across Pleospora abscondita.

- In Van Ryckegem, G. (2005) "Fungi on common reed (Phragmites australis). Fungal diversity, community structure and decompositions processes": "asci 110-130 x 15-20 um, ascospores 28-35 x 10-13 um, 5-septate, with one to several longitudinal septa (end cells without longitudinal septa)

- In the book "Niet zomaar een bos....!!; natuuronderzoek op de cm2 in het Coovels Bos":  "asci 150-200 x 15-20, ascospores 33.3-41.0 x 8.1-10.8 µm, 5-7-(8)-septate, with one (partial) longitudal septum".

Listed in "artikelen (2)" and "standaardwerken (1)" on

This could fitt.

Best wishes, Riet
Mlcoch Patrik, 13-06-2018 09:52
Mlcoch Patrik
Re : Phaeosphaeria, subgenus Vagispora? => Pleosporaceae
I don´t see now P. vagans and i dont´t also excude something from Phaeosphaeriaceae (for example Allophaeosphaeria, Phaeosphaeria (Vagispora) phragmiticola and vagans), but presence longitudinate septus is far more typical for Pleosporaceae. According to Shoemaker P. phragmiticola and vagans they has spore 23-30 um long, and here are spore larger (30-40 um).
However, i just found it information, that according to Müller (1950, as Leptosphaeria vagans) has P. vagans spore 36-42 x 7-9 um, therefor i have to agree with Chris .
Riet van Oosten, 17-06-2018 09:18
Riet van Oosten
Re : Phaeosphaeria, subgenus Vagispora? => Pleosporaceae => Pleospora abscondita
Dear Chris, dear Patrik,

I sent a mail to Henk Lammers (Dutch specialist), one of the authors of the book "Niet zomaar een bos ....!!".

With reservation (he didn't see the real material) he thinks it is Pleospora abscondita Tomorrow I will send him the material for a final decision.

Without your help this species of 17-05-2018 would have been nameless ....

Thank you so much! Greetings, Riet

Riet van Oosten, 20-06-2018 23:27
Riet van Oosten
Re : Re : Phaeosphaeria => Pleosporaceae => Pleospora abscondita
Got a message from Henk Lammers, it is indeed Pleospora abscondita!