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12-05-2022 12:48

Viktorie Halasu Viktorie Halasu

Hello,last year (22.IX.) I've found this small red

16-05-2022 10:37

Castillo Joseba Castillo Joseba

Me mandan el materila de Galicia (España) recolec

15-05-2022 21:53


Bonsoirun  morceau de feuillu pourri flottant.. c

06-05-2022 14:38

Laurent Bonneau Laurent Bonneau

Bonjour, j'ai trouvé ces Scutellinia dans le sud

09-05-2022 19:45

Elisabeth Stöckli

Bonsoir,Trouvé au sol sur tige morte de Rubus (94

14-05-2022 21:03

Enrique Rubio Enrique Rubio

These sessile or subsessile apothecia, more or les

08-05-2022 19:29


Bonjourcolonie de disques (< 2 mm) gris à marg

12-05-2022 17:27

Edvin Johannesen Edvin Johannesen

Apothecia 0.2-0.5 mm in diam., slightly downy exci

17-01-2012 15:11

Jean-Claude Malaval Jean-Claude Malaval

Bonjour à tous,Fréquent sur différents supports

12-05-2022 10:31

Viktorie Halasu Viktorie Halasu

Hello, can I call this Coprotus disculus, or is i

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Pyrenopeziza rubi?
Juuso Äikäs, 13-01-2022 16:33
An old Pyrenopeziza finding from my archive:

These were growing on a dead Rubus idaeus cane at the turn of June and July 2020. 

There were just a few pics of the spores, asci in IKI and excipululm. The spores measure 7.9 - 10.4 × 2.1 - 2.6 µm.

Is this enough to determine this as P. rubi or are there other alternatives?
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  • message #71426
Hans-Otto Baral, 13-01-2022 17:31
Hans-Otto Baral
Re : Pyrenopeziza rubi?
P. rubi or P. escharodes - i cannot say. Both are described with marginal, appressed hairs.

There is an interesting iodine reaction when pretreated with KOH and wahsed with water: Lugol and probably also Melzer give a distinct blue at the margin!  I am not sure if this distinguishes rubi from escharodes.
Juuso Äikäs, 13-01-2022 18:10
Re : Pyrenopeziza rubi?
Ok, thanks for the info! I'll have to keep that in mind until I find this again.