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10-08-2022 15:45

Pierre-Yves Julien

Récolte le 31/07/2022 – Ozoir-la-Ferrière (77)

04-07-2022 18:45

Enrique Rubio Enrique Rubio

I can find no suitable answer for this white Bryos

11-08-2022 00:45

Stefan Jakobsson

On a thin deciduous stick (Salix/Alnus/Betula) on

10-08-2022 18:45

François Bartholomeeusen

Good evening all, On 5 August 2022, a friend gave

11-08-2022 08:16

Josep Torres Josep Torres

Hola.Un muy diminuto Pirenomyceto sobre un tronco

10-08-2022 09:11

Josep Torres Josep Torres

Hola.Un Piremomyceto recogido este pasado domingo

09-08-2022 20:06

Stephen Mifsud Stephen Mifsud

I have found an interesting aspergillus on flowers

06-08-2022 22:20

Marcus Yeo

I found this ascomycete today on dead leaves of Er

16-07-2022 17:01

Zetti Mario

Hi, I am doing some work with microfungi and durin

02-08-2022 17:48

Pierre-Yves Julien

Récolte le 31/07/2022 – Ozoir-la-Ferrière (77)

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Bryoscyphus turbinatus-like on Polytrichum
Georges Greiff, 25-06-2022 22:39
Hi all,

Since I do not have Velenovsky (1934), I would like to get any opinions on this Helotiales sp. found on the lower, dying leaves of Polytrichum commune. Is it one of those featured in that book? To me, it seems to resemble "Bryoscyphus" turbinatus but is smaller in most respects.

Apothecia 60-130 diam, around 40 tall, whitish when wet, yellowish when dry, with a short darker stipe. Excipulum comprising rounded cells of about 7 x 5, smaller near stipe. At margins, short hairs develop up to about 25 long x 3.5-4 wide.

Asci 8-spored, apical apparatus staining blue in IKI. Croziers + (?). Paraphyses narrowly clavate, perhaps minutely verrucose (cannot assess VBs as dead). Ascospores broadly fusoid, hyaline, about 10-12 x 2.5-3.5 (probably a bit bigger when fresh).


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Hans-Otto Baral, 26-06-2022 18:09
Hans-Otto Baral
Re : Bryoscyphus turbinatus-like on Polytrichum
You have it only dry? The ascospores should be shown in ater with their contents, best when still alive. Also the paraphysis contents in water.

The asci seemed to me without croziers but it is not clear.
Georges Greiff, 26-06-2022 18:19
Re : Bryoscyphus turbinatus-like on Polytrichum
Hi Zotto,

Unfortunately, the specimen is 4 years old from a herbarium specimen of the moss, so I can only observe dead material - not overly useful for this group. I will keep an eye out for fresh specimens in future fieldwork.

Best wishes,