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Marian Jagers Marian Jagers

Does anyone recognize this species? Apothecia in

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Bonjour, récolte réalisée au sol dans un parc,

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Dear forum participants, On a thin twig of Myrica

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Hola a todos, en un talud cercano a un riachuelo,

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Villalonga Paco

On basic soil in humid bank, Teruel, Spain, around

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Elisabeth Stöckli

Bonsoir, Récolte en milieu incendié, apothécie

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Kees van Oorde Kees van Oorde

Very small fruiting bodies on affected leaves. Fou

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Béatrice Senn-Irlet

alll issues of Mycologia Helvetica (1983-2000) are

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Hi,I'm looking for these three standard references

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Danny Newman Danny Newman

higher resolution images available at inaturalist.

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Black Mollisia on Salix
Michel Hairaud, 06-09-2023 21:45
Michel HairaudBonsoir, 

Je ne trouve pas d'identité pour ce Mollisia récolté sur branche de Salix au sol et ayant un aspect de Patellaria atrata: Apothécies 0,5-1,5 mm, noirâtres, sans marge relevée, à surface externe sublisse. 
Asques 60-65 x 5 , PS 22 µm, spores 6-8 x 2-2,2 µm, OCI 0,5 (1) 
Paraphyses x 4-5 µm
Cellules de l'ectal à parois brun rouge foncé , de diamètre jusqu'à 18 µm 
Cellules marginales courtes, la dernière : 15-17 x 5-8 µm 
KOH négatif

Merci pour tout indice. 

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Hans-Otto Baral, 07-09-2023 10:18
Hans-Otto Baral
Re : Black Mollisia on Salix
Hi Michel,

this is all but easy. maybe the apothecia got dark with age and were more grey when young?

I cannot exclude M. cinerea, although that species was surely applied for a number of different taxa in the past.

Michel Hairaud, 07-09-2023 11:18
Michel Hairaud
Re : Black Mollisia on Salix
Thanks Zotto for your answer, 
M. cinerea is among the closest species which can be compared , indeed.
at least for spore shape and OCI,  

Moreover it appears  that even the smallest or new developped specimens are that black . Another feature  seems distinctive: there is no white rim on the margin 
But there are collections in your cinerea folder which look very similar 


Hans-Otto Baral, 07-09-2023 11:35
Hans-Otto Baral
Re : Black Mollisia on Salix
My folder is surely heterogeneous. Our experience with Mollisia is that without the combination with DNA no good concept can be achieved in many of the taxa.
Ingo Wagner, 10-09-2023 16:16
Re : Black Mollisia on Salix
Hi Michel!

Normally the spores of your find are too short and narrow for M. cinerea.
Mollisia cinerea is in my opinion a species of the half-year approximately from november-april.

Take a look here at Zotto's IVV to this relatively recently described species:

Shape and color of apos could be a problem though.
Or it's just a new, undescribed one.
There are really quite a few of them.


Hans-Otto Baral, 10-09-2023 20:38
Hans-Otto Baral
Re : Black Mollisia on Salix
One must add that Ingo's collection there was sequenced and falls to Mollisia novobrunsvicensis by 99.8% (1 Nukleotide deviation in ITS). Without this sequence we would not have been sure what it is. But there are more sequences from Europe that fall here, e.g. one by Brian Douglas (SW 19).