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14-07-2024 18:23

Joaquin Martin

Hi,I found this Ascomycete on horse dung.The spora

13-07-2024 19:50

Zuzana Sochorová (Egertová) Zuzana Sochorová (Egertová)

Hello,I have identified this fungus as Hamatocanth

11-01-2022 16:36

Jason Karakehian Jason Karakehian

Hi does anyone have a digital copy of Raitviir A (

11-07-2024 14:29

Viktorie Halasu Viktorie Halasu

Hello, a thin-fleshed Mollisia on a monocot stem

08-07-2024 23:34

Villalonga Paco

Small Scutellinia growing in garden soil (calcareo

12-07-2024 02:12

Stefan Jakobsson

On a wet lake shore I found a single minute apothe

11-07-2024 10:57

Viktorie Halasu Viktorie Halasu

Hello, I have here a Mollisia on a leaf (possibly

07-07-2024 10:07

Thomas Flammer

I am struggeling with some tiny yellowish apotheci

09-07-2024 19:34

Kozak Robert

HelloDate: 2024.06.18, loess gorges, on soil (?)A

11-07-2024 15:05

Thomas Læssøe

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Presentation about Orbilia
Hans-Otto Baral, 14-05-2024 09:19
Hans-Otto Baral
Hi, I want to announce for next Sunday 17.00 middle European time (11am New York) our Orbiliomycetes presentation (about 1.5 h) held life by me on a zoom meeting. It is organized by the NYC Mycological Society and everybody may attend who has zoom installed on the computer. 

There will be also an entire record which later can be accessed on youtube by a link.

Here is the Society and its president

Andgelo Mombert, 14-05-2024 20:35
Andgelo Mombert
Re : Presentation about Orbilia
Hello Zotto,

Thanks for the information.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your monumental monograph that you have made available to everyone.
This encourages us to look into these exciting little species. Just yesterday, I had the pleasure of discovering O. flagellispora and O. subsphaerospora in Lozère.

Thank you also for all the time you devote to Ascofrance to help us identify orbiliomycetes and helotiales in general.

Hans-Otto Baral, 14-05-2024 21:30
Hans-Otto Baral
Re : Presentation about Orbilia
Many thanks Andgelo, you move me. Without you all my work would be quite useless.
Ethan Crenson, 14-05-2024 22:21
Re : Presentation about Orbilia
I am very much looking forward to the presentation!
Michel Hairaud, 15-05-2024 07:55
Michel Hairaud
Re : Presentation about Orbilia
Dear Zotto, 

This is again generous of you to share your presentation with members of Ascofrance. 

Many of us agree with Andgelo's aknowlegments for the tremendous monograph we have on our shelves and open with satisfaction each time we reach a probable correct identity. 

In our modest ''Studying Discomycetes, from initiation to advanced levels''  (Dougoud, Priou and Van Vooren) which has already been a success among some North American Mycological Associations,  there is a chapter for the very first steps in Orbiliomycetes .  
I feel sure our joined efforts do contribute to popularizing interest for these most amazing fungi. 

Michel Hairaud. Ascofrance and 

Yannick Mourgues, 16-05-2024 11:46
Yannick Mourgues
Re : Presentation about Orbilia
Merci pour ce partage Zotto !

Angelo : sur quel(s) support as-tu trouvé ces Orbilia ?

Andgelo Mombert, 16-05-2024 21:13
Andgelo Mombert
Re : Presentation about Orbilia
Salut Yannick,
Salix, un très bon support pour ces jolies choses. ;-)