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17-10-2009 21:28

Martin Bemmann Martin Bemmann

Hi, Ditte and me are back from a completely unm

17-10-2009 18:52

Antonio Miguel Reyes Soto Antonio Miguel Reyes Soto

Tuber regianum Mont. & Iazz , alguna referencia G

17-10-2009 15:39

Till Lohmeyer

Lors d'un bref voyage à Cluny j'ai trouvé Eutryb

17-10-2009 15:11

Uwe Lindemann Uwe Lindemann

Hello Forum, recently I found a Pyrenomycet on a

16-10-2009 23:03

Yannick Mourgues Yannick Mourgues

Hi. I found this hymenoscyphus on died branches

16-10-2009 19:10

Martin Bemmann Martin Bemmann

Hi, collected this on tiny dead branche of Arun

16-10-2009 18:44

Hans-Otto Baral Hans-Otto Baral

Here is another Ostropales mystery. Obviously clos

16-10-2009 17:53


Bonjour. Quelqu'un aurait-il l'article suivant et

14-10-2009 21:53

Joseph Pellicani


14-10-2009 21:51

Joseph Pellicani


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Geopora from China
Martin Bemmann, 17-10-2009 21:28
Martin BemmannHi,

Ditte and me are back from a completely unmycological trip to China. Anyway, we managed to hunt for some fungi in our limited sparetime. One of the highlights was this Geopora at the rim of an irrigation channel in Mogao near Dunhuang (Gansu province).
With René Dougoud's key we come to G. arenicola (spores are 22,4-25,6 x 14,6-15,8 µm).
Are you aware about some "exotic", China-endemic species to concider?

Best regards

Martin and Ditte
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Martin Bemmann, 17-10-2009 21:30
Martin Bemmann
Re:Geopora from China
a closer view of the hymenium:
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Martin Bemmann, 17-10-2009 21:31
Martin Bemmann
Re:Geopora from China
and the spores (exsicc.):
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