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26-11-2022 15:20

Riet van Oosten Riet van Oosten

Hello,Found by Laurens van der Linde, November 202

30-10-2022 17:04


Bonjour à chacune et à chacun,Je suis à la rech

25-11-2022 23:03

Edvin Johannesen Edvin Johannesen

Hello! These tiny (0.3-0.4 mm) greyish yellow/pin

25-11-2022 16:59

carl van den broeck carl van den broeck

In de Belgische Ardennen vond ik zeer kleine (1 to

24-11-2022 02:15

Richard VALERI Richard VALERI

Bonjour à tous.Ref:Grelet - Discomycètes de Fran

25-11-2022 08:43

Carmel Sammut

Looking through my unidentified specimens I came a

24-11-2022 18:46

József Vikár

Hello. I found this Helvella by my homeplace, unde

16-11-2022 21:05

Robin Isaksson Robin Isaksson

Hi, This one i also have problem with so we giv

23-11-2022 21:14

Niek Schrier

hi everyone, I found a lichenicolous fungi growin

13-11-2022 18:16

Niek Schrier

hi everyone, I found this Xenonectriella/Pronectr

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Help with identification
Found on Lesbos island, Greece, on muddy ground.

Apothecium cup-shaped, with brownish hairs on the perimeter.
Apothecium diameter: 0.3-2.5 cm.
Hymenium yellowish-gray, bumpy, hygrophanous.
Ascospores: (17) 18-20 x 8-9 (9.5) ìm.
Paraphyses 2.5-4 ìm (at the top).
Hyphae 7-10.5 ìm, hyaline, with clamps.

Any idea what this is?
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François Valade, 22-11-2007 20:58
François Valade
Re:Help with identification
It should be necessary to see marginal hairs, with focus on apex, walls, septation and size (L, l).
It seems that hair distribution is in fascicles, so it makes me think about the genus Tricharina. But I cannot exclude the genus Trichophaea. Hair deep analysis really mandatory.
What about the ornementation of the spores? it seems to be smooth, right?
François Valade, 22-11-2007 21:00
François Valade
Re:Help with identification
I forgot to ask about presence of guttules in the spores.
Re:Help with identification
Thank you again, Francois.

Unfortunately, I don't have the specimens (they belong to a friend). However, I will ask him to provide the information and, if and when I have it, I'll write again.
Nicolas VAN VOOREN, 23-11-2007 09:53
Re:Help with identification
As François, I think it's probably a Tricharina sp., because we don't see any guttules into the spores. Information on hairs is needed to help you.
Best regards