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24-01-2021 11:13

Castillo Joseba Castillo Joseba

Me mandan el materialseco de Galicia, recolectado

23-01-2021 19:42

Sven Heinz Sven Heinz

Hello, i found this fungi on fallen Betula twigs.

24-01-2021 16:13

Pablo Sandoval Pablo Sandoval

Hola amigos!Encontré esta especie de Lamprospora

24-01-2021 20:21

Hardware Tony Hardware Tony

I found under Picea albies branch on the ground a

22-01-2021 06:21

Laurent LENEL Laurent LENEL

Bonjour à tous, cette pézize semblerait être Pe

24-01-2021 08:51

Castillo Joseba Castillo Joseba

Me mandan esta especie en seco, recolectada en Cr

22-01-2021 19:09

Mirek Gryc

HiThe collection is from 2016, but I only microsco

23-01-2021 19:04


Hello.I'm searching for a PDF copy of the followin

21-01-2021 15:59

Mirek Gryc

Hi.Found a few years ago but so far I do not know

21-01-2021 03:47

Khomenko Igor Khomenko Igor

Hi, I found this small white discomycete on Alnu

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Peziza cf. howsei
Nihad Omerovic, 11-02-2017 13:39
Loking for confirmation or opinions on this Peziza, collected 28.08.2016., on rocky terrain under decidious vegetation, in partial shade; 610 m elevation.
Apothecia up to 8 cm diameter, cupulate; hymenium more or less violet-tinted.
Please see attachements for more details.
Thank you
Nihad Omerovic, 11-02-2017 13:41
Re : Peziza cf. howsei
Nihad Omerovic, 11-02-2017 13:43
Re : Peziza cf. howsei
Nihad Omerovic, 11-02-2017 13:45
Re : Peziza cf. howsei
Nihad Omerovic, 19-02-2017 12:13
Re : Peziza cf. howsei
Nicolas VAN VOOREN, 26-11-2020 15:37
Re : Peziza cf. howsei
As confirmed to Nihad, this collection corresponds to Malvipezia emileia (confirmed by molecular data).
Mirek Gryc, 27-11-2020 10:30
Re : Peziza cf. howsei
So, I wouldn't be surprised if my collection was of the same genre?
Beautiful name and beautiful Peziza :)
Nicolas VAN VOOREN, 29-11-2020 14:35
Re : Peziza cf. howsei
Yes Mirek, your collection belongs to the same genus, but this is a different species. The DNA data of your collections differ from the molecular data of M. emileia, and also from M. howsei (as epitypified by Medardi et al., 2014). I think your collections are more related to "Peziza" celtica based on the spore ornamentation, but the type of Galactinia celtica seems to be lost (a parcel exists at PC, but it is empty...), so a neotype must be chosen.
Mirek Gryc, 29-11-2020 17:07
Re : Peziza cf. howsei
Thank you Nicolas for the info!
My collections are in good hands so I hope that your work will not be wasted and the data (sequences) will be useful sooner or later :)
A very beautiful but also a difficult kind.
Thank you and best regards