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23-06-2018 19:29

Thorben Hülsewig

Hi there, last week i found this anamorph on rott

24-06-2018 18:40

Andgelo Mombert

Bonsoir,Je suis en train de travailler un lachnum

22-06-2018 18:10

Jan Knuiman

Hello,Yesterday I found these discomycetes with a

23-06-2018 17:35


Here is a very small Helotiales growing on rotting

24-06-2018 03:37

M Jonathan M Jonathan

Je sais qu'il manque des info, mais il est si dist

12-06-2016 23:19

Björn Wergen Björn Wergen

Hi there,today I was in Freibourg (Black Forest) f

08-06-2018 17:05


Bonjour,Trouvé sur vieux Diatrypaceae, environ 25

10-12-2013 16:45

Garcia Susana

Hi all Found these apothecia growing on old wood

23-06-2018 14:31

Castillo Joseba Castillo Joseba

en madera de abetoA ver que os pareceSaludosJoseba

22-06-2018 16:24


Bonjour à toutes et tous,Je pense avoir trouvé P

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Orange disc on Juniperus
Marc Detollenaere, 12-03-2018 23:39
Marc Detollenaere


Good evening everybody,

In La Ste-Baume in Provence I found some orange discs on Juniperus communis with a hymenium surface appearing granular. The asci were 8-spored and the ascus wall was Melzer positive. Paraphyses were slender and had yellow cristals at the end. Spores measured 11x6µ.

Anyone could help me further?


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Peter Püwert, 13-03-2018 00:22
Peter Püwert
Re : Orange disc on Juniperus
Hi Marc,
in my opinion is these a lichen. Here a link.
Greetings Peter.
Marc Detollenaere, 13-03-2018 07:24
Marc Detollenaere
Re : Orange disc on Juniperus

Hallo Peter,


Thanks for your reaction.I think you are right. I missed the thallus on examination.

I'll see if I can find the species



Hans-Otto Baral, 13-03-2018 07:37
Hans-Otto Baral
Re : Orange disc on Juniperus
I vaguely see the central thick septum and suspect it is a Caloplaca.
Zdenek Palice, 13-03-2018 09:06
Zdenek Palice
Re : Orange disc on Juniperus
Yes, it is Caloplaca It was split recently on many smaller genera, and it may well be e.g. Caloplaca (Blastenia) hungarica or still something else. But this is a question for a specialist on Teloschistaceae. Zdenek
Marc Detollenaere, 19-03-2018 19:52
Marc Detollenaere
Re : Orange disc on Juniperus

Thanks very much Zotto and Zdenek.

Sorry for my late response. I was abroad for a week