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23-06-2018 19:29

Thorben Hülsewig

Hi there, last week i found this anamorph on rott

24-06-2018 18:40

Andgelo Mombert

Bonsoir,Je suis en train de travailler un lachnum

22-06-2018 18:10

Jan Knuiman

Hello,Yesterday I found these discomycetes with a

23-06-2018 17:35


Here is a very small Helotiales growing on rotting

24-06-2018 03:37

M Jonathan M Jonathan

Je sais qu'il manque des info, mais il est si dist

12-06-2016 23:19

Björn Wergen Björn Wergen

Hi there,today I was in Freibourg (Black Forest) f

08-06-2018 17:05


Bonjour,Trouvé sur vieux Diatrypaceae, environ 25

10-12-2013 16:45

Garcia Susana

Hi all Found these apothecia growing on old wood

23-06-2018 14:31

Castillo Joseba Castillo Joseba

en madera de abetoA ver que os pareceSaludosJoseba

22-06-2018 16:24


Bonjour à toutes et tous,Je pense avoir trouvé P

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Monacrosporium subtile on unknown hyphomycete?
Jan-Arne Mentken, 14-03-2018 19:06
Jan-Arne MentkenHello everyone,

in recent days I found this anamorph which seems to be overgrown by another fungus. Only having Ellis & Ellis as useful literature I suggest that it could be Monacrosporium subtile. Ellis & Ellis: Microfungi on miscellaneous substrates, p. 35 say:

"Colonies thin, white, scarcely visible to the naked eye. Conidiophores erect, hyaline, straight or sligthly flexuous, 2-4 thick at base, 1-2 at apex. Conidia solitary, terminial, clavata to cylindric-fusoid, with 1 to 12 septa, hyaline, smooth, 40-72 x 5-7. On Cladosporium, Periconia, etc."

Even though this is probably neither Cladosporium nor Periconia. Could Monacrosporium subtile be an option? Does anyone possibly know this species or can identify the parasitized fungus?

Thank in advance for any idea!

Best regards,
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Marcus Yeo, 14-03-2018 19:35
Re : Monacrosporium subtile on unknown hyphomycete?

The hyphomycete with synnemata and small shortly ellipsoid conidia is Phaeoisaria clavulata. Not sure about the other fungus, I'm afraid.

Jan-Arne Mentken, 14-03-2018 20:11
Jan-Arne Mentken
Re : Monacrosporium subtile on unknown hyphomycete?
Hi Marcus,

I just had a quick look on what Ellis & Ellis write about that species and tried the key again. It worked, Phaeoisaria clavulata is certainly the correct name. Thank you so much!

Let's see if someone can find a name for the parasite.

Best regards,
Hans-Otto Baral, 14-03-2018 20:30
Hans-Otto Baral
Re : Monacrosporium subtile on unknown hyphomycete?
Monacrosporium subtile is a dubious taxon fide Rubner 1996, possibly a Dactylella (Orbiliomycetes). In any case it has hyaline conidia.
Jan-Arne Mentken, 14-03-2018 20:36
Jan-Arne Mentken
Re : Monacrosporium subtile on unknown hyphomycete?
Hi Zotto,

I somehow ignored that fact. So it can't be Monacrosporium subtile assuming one would even count it as a species.

Kind regards,