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19-09-2018 15:30


Bonjour.Je cherche une version digitale de ce docu

18-09-2018 21:28

Jacky Launoy

On moose dung (Alces alces) collected in Sweden (P

14-09-2018 21:14

Marc Detollenaere Marc Detollenaere

Hello forum, On rabbit dung I discovered a number

18-09-2018 15:33

Chris Yeates Chris Yeates

Bonjour tous Normally I steer clear of this daunt

18-09-2018 14:10

Savic Dragisa

Is this Pachyella punctispora? I found it on a dam

17-09-2018 08:17

Pintos Angel Pintos Angel

Hello, anybody has?.Moore G (1998) A comparison of

13-09-2018 13:04

Edvin Johannesen Edvin Johannesen

I have collected a "propolioid" specimen on large

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Quijada Luis

Hi all, I am currently working in the genus Holway

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joseph Bartolome

Bonjour depuis 2017 je fais des photos d Asco ,mai

13-09-2018 19:17

Marc Detollenaere Marc Detollenaere

Dear forum, Yesterday I found setous fruit bodies

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pale disc on Urtica stems - S Sweden - with spiralling spores
Thomas Læssøe, 19-03-2018 17:34
Sweden, Scania, Bårslöv, 30.XI.1994, leg. Sven-Åke Hanson, on old weathered Urtica stems.

Apothecia to 0.2 mm, discoid with distinct smooth margin, at first whitish-greyish drying to apricot on hymenium with paler outside.
Hymenium deep orange red in IKI in weak ammonia then slowly blue at the apex and less so further down the asci.
Asci with outer dextrinoid coating, 8-spored, clavate, ca. 50  x 8-9 µm.
Spores strongly spiralling within ascus in one bundle, 3-5- septate, tapering to lower end and rounded at distal end, 35-45 x 1.5 µm. Paraphyses clavate above. Not exc. asci.
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Alain BRISSARD, 19-03-2018 17:55
Re : pale disc on Urtica stems - S Sweden - with spiralling spores
Perhaps Erinella discolor = Trichopeziza discolor = Lachnum discolor ??
Thomas Læssøe, 19-03-2018 21:37
Re : pale disc on Urtica stems - S Sweden - with spiralling spores
interesting suggestion but this material is without hairs, with paraphyses that are enlarged (pearshaped) at the apices, spores with fewer septa etc.
Stip Helleman, 21-03-2018 00:02
Stip Helleman
Re : pale disc on Urtica stems - S Sweden - with spiralling spores
Hi Thomas,
indeed this option seems to be quite unusual without hairs, in my opinion it has a twist of a Lichenicolous species with this apical dome and the asci strongly reacting in IKI, they mostly react blue in this case only a little blue left after a while probably because of the Ammonia mount.
No idea about the genus.
good luck,