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01-03-2024 18:06

Marc Detollenaere Marc Detollenaere

Dear Forum,On unidentified moss I found some small

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Bonjour, Sur laissée de mustélidé indeterminé

02-03-2024 12:37

Bernard Declercq Bernard Declercq

Hello,I am looking for a pdf of following paper:Ud

29-02-2024 10:42

Charles Grapinet Charles Grapinet

Hello, Yesterday I found a Periconia on a dead Ae

22-10-2019 00:02

Yannick Mourgues Yannick Mourgues

On Fagus decorticated wood near a stream. Diametr

29-02-2024 16:43

Malcolm  Greaves Malcolm Greaves

Can someone suggest what this might be. It is deve

25-02-2024 19:50

Robin Isaksson Robin Isaksson

Found this one 3-4 times on resin in SwedenAsci IK

24-02-2024 15:15

Louis DENY

Bonjout ForumTrouvé à Belfort (400m altitude), s

27-02-2024 12:55

Castillo Joseba Castillo Joseba

me mandan el material seco de Galicia España reco

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cf. Lambertella from Puerto Rico
Danny Newman, 12-10-2018 05:29
Danny NewmanSubstrate/Host: on hollow, herbaceous twig in a roadside bamboo thicket
Habitat: pre-montane tropical rain forest with some human and hurricane disturbance
Ecoregion: Puerto Rican Moist Forests (NT0155)
Collector(s): D. Newman, R. Vandegrift, P. Kaishian & S. Russell
Collection_#: MO324417
Comments: Asci IKI+, 8-spored
Paraphyses filiform, chambered/multi-septate, ~1/2 the thickness of asci, with rounded apices.
Spores hyaline, narrowly ellipsoid and bi-guttulate:
(4.4) 4.5 – 5.3 (5.6) × (1.4) 1.5 – 1.8 (2.1) µm
Q = (2.5) 2.52 – 3 (3.4) ; N = 8
Me = 4.9 × 1.7 µm ; Qe = 2.9
Other: Collected during the 11th International Mycological Congress in San Juan, Puerto Rico. #imc11

Please visit to see full-resolution images
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Danny Newman, 24-11-2023 23:49
Danny Newman
Re : cf. Lambertella from Puerto Rico
new (old) images uploaded
Hans-Otto Baral, 25-11-2023 10:27
Hans-Otto Baral
Re : cf. Lambertella from Puerto Rico
Excipulum is prismatic? Sclerotiniaceous fungi usually don't have such small spores, and the apical ring is perhaps not really sclerotiniaceous.

Are the macros from fresh apothecia or rehydrated? Was the colour originally such brown?
Raúl Tena Lahoz, 25-11-2023 15:21
Raúl Tena Lahoz
Re : cf. Lambertella from Puerto Rico
Hi Danny
Maybe it's a Moellerodiscus... What about croziers? If not, I would consider Ciboria (Moellerodiscus) aestivalis, though spores are a bit short...
Un saludo,
Hans-Otto Baral, 25-11-2023 17:16
Hans-Otto Baral
Re : cf. Lambertella from Puerto Rico
Livinjg spores of M. aestivalis s.l. measure about 7-10 x 2.2-3.

Imprtant is to look at the excipulum, Moellerodiscus has a globulosa.
Danny Newman, 25-11-2023 17:34
Danny Newman
Re : cf. Lambertella from Puerto Rico
Thank you both for the replies.  I can check when I'm next near my fungarium to see if this collection was saved, and if so, will check the excipulum and presence/absence of croziers, as you suggest.  In the meantime, I will alert Kurt Miller (prolific PR collector) to be on the lookout for similar material.  Regarding your first question, Zotto, this material is fresh, not rehydrated.
Hans-Otto Baral, 25-11-2023 20:35
Hans-Otto Baral
Re : cf. Lambertella from Puerto Rico
But the micros are all in dead state, perhaps due to the mounting medium, including suqashing, perhaps because only the macros were in fresh.