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25-11-2021 22:25

Zoltan Lukacs Zoltan Lukacs

It was found in a deciduous forest, In Hungary. A

27-11-2021 02:38

Laurent LENEL Laurent LENEL

Bonjour à tous, voici ce que je pense être Otide

23-11-2021 15:26

Jennifer Fiorentino

First I supsected this was a slime mould but slime

28-11-2021 11:47

Viktorie Halasu Viktorie Halasu

Hello,I'm trying to find a name for this small yel

26-11-2021 15:21

Joop van der Lee Joop van der Lee

Found on dung of roe deer.In detail it differs fro

26-11-2021 13:43

Enrique Rubio Enrique Rubio

Do you have any idea about this coelomycetous fung

25-11-2021 23:14

S. Rebecca

Hello, we are spending some time between Valencia

23-11-2021 23:46

Valencia Lopez Francisco Javier

Hola a todosEsta Lambertella emergían de entre la

23-11-2021 20:52

Jannes Jannes Boers

Hello Everyone, The passed year there have been s

25-11-2021 13:47

Georges Greiff

Hello,I have been sent an interesting Octospora fr

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Pyrenomycete sur Alnus glutinosa
Enrique Rubio, 24-01-2006 21:06
Enrique RubioConaissez vous cette Pyrenomycete sur Alnus glutinosa?
Spores two-celled, at maturity one of this brown and with an longitudinal germ-slit
Ascus I +
Merci par votre amicale aide
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NC NC, 24-01-2006 21:25
Re:Pyrenomycete sur Alnus glutinosa
This looks like Anthostomella. Several species known with longitudinal germs slits and found on wood (e.g. anserima).

Bernard Declercq
NC NC, 24-01-2006 21:48
Re:Pyrenomycete sur Alnus glutinosa
Si la spore fait environ 25 X 11 µm voir peut-être vers Kirsteiniotella aetiops ??? vient me semble t-il sur Alnus.
NC NC, 24-01-2006 22:20
Re:Pyrenomycete sur Alnus glutinosa
Bonsoir Robert,

Kirchsteiniotheila est un genre à asques bitunicate, et je crois que nous avons à faire avec des asques unitunicates. L'appareil apical suggèe en effet qu'il faut chercher auprès des Sodariomycètes.
Summarising for Enrique in english: i suggest to exclude Kirchsteiniothelia

Christian Lechat, 24-01-2006 22:48
Christian Lechat
Re:Pyrenomycete sur Alnus glutinosa
j'avais déjà répondu mais mon message n'est pa passé,
It's the Enthostomella Genus, dear Enrique, let's know the microscopic data
Best wishes :)
NC NC, 24-01-2006 23:55
Re:Pyrenomycete sur Alnus glutinosa
I can only agree with Christian, who is certainly more familiar with pyrenomycetes than I am.
It would be interesting to confirm us about the presence of the typical clypeus, to inform us if the immersed perithecia are growing scattered or in clusters, give us the dimensions of the brown spore cell as well of the hyaline one.