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Hi forum, Sorry if i am somehow out of the topic

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Me mandan el material seco, solo un ejemplar   en

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Hello allIs this situation normal?I do not know th

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Bonjour, Sur branche morte décortiquée de Crata

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Bonjour, Sur branche morte d'Ulmus minor, en situ

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I am struggling with the original German text, and

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Xylaria guepinii\ friesii?
Przemyslaw Drzewiecki, 22-03-2020 22:03
Hello all. This is my first post in this forum. I would like to ask for help in the designation of the species Xylaria from Poland. Mushrooms grow on a land rich in horse fertilizer (for 15 years it was a fenced area for shetland ponies).
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Jacques Fournier, 25-03-2020 18:02
Jacques Fournier
Re : Xylaria guepinii\ friesii?

I was hoping that Thomas would answer because he revised the type specimen of X. guepini and created X. friesii.

In the meantime, based on your data and Laessoe's 1993 paper, I think your collection fits well X. guepini in all respects.

It is a poorly known species, rarely collected at sexual state, thus you collection is of great interest.

Thanks for sharing it.


Thomas Læssøe, 26-03-2020 10:19
Re : Xylaria guepinii\ friesii?
Just back from Cuba (birding) to a closed university etc. I would agree with Jacques that X. guepinii is the best match (super material), but I have not studied this complex for decennia so feel a bit rusty. It is still a possibility that both scotica and my own friesii should be lumped with guepinii.


Przemyslaw Drzewiecki, 26-03-2020 13:47
Re : Xylaria guepinii\ friesii?
I would like to thank both excellent interlocutors for their contributions. I am very happy.
Have a nice day - Przemek