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23-01-2021 19:42

Sven Heinz Sven Heinz

Hello, i found this fungi on fallen Betula twigs.

24-01-2021 16:13

Pablo Sandoval Pablo Sandoval

Hola amigos!Encontré esta especie de Lamprospora

24-01-2021 20:21

Hardware Tony Hardware Tony

I found under Picea albies branch on the ground a

22-01-2021 06:21

Laurent LENEL Laurent LENEL

Bonjour à tous, cette pézize semblerait être Pe

24-01-2021 11:13

Castillo Joseba Castillo Joseba

Me mandan el materialseco de Galicia, recolectado

24-01-2021 08:51

Castillo Joseba Castillo Joseba

Me mandan esta especie en seco, recolectada en Cr

22-01-2021 19:09

Mirek Gryc

HiThe collection is from 2016, but I only microsco

23-01-2021 19:04


Hello.I'm searching for a PDF copy of the followin

21-01-2021 15:59

Mirek Gryc

Hi.Found a few years ago but so far I do not know

21-01-2021 03:47

Khomenko Igor Khomenko Igor

Hi, I found this small white discomycete on Alnu

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yellow-green discomycete on living Carex
Khomenko Igor, 12-01-2021 06:29
Khomenko IgorHi,
I found this discomycete in two instances in September on the living roots of Carex.
If someone can point me to the right genus.

Apothecium was up to 3.7mm.
Asci croziers(+), IKI+b. The apical apparatus is Hymenoscyphus-type.
Ascospores 20 - 30 × 4.4 - 5.3 µm

#461 -
#461B - (extra pictures in CR)

Thanks you,

Hans-Otto Baral, 12-01-2021 07:31
Hans-Otto Baral
Re : yellow-green discomycete on living Carex
Hi Igor

I think this is Phaeohelotium epiphyllum, although the spores are a bit long.

You did not study the excipulum at flanks?

Also the second sample I think is the same. Here the living paraphyses are missing (the best difference against P. monticola).

Khomenko Igor, 12-01-2021 08:50
Khomenko Igor
Re : yellow-green discomycete on living Carex
Thank you Zotto,

I didn't know that it could be parasitic on living plants.
I didn't do section because I have troubles understanding what I'm seeing.
I collected Phaeohelotium epiphyllum near both locations. Near the first (#461) on a big rotten log and near the second (#461b) on Fagus and Acer leaves. In both cases they were bright yellow, with shorter spores and fitted well with the description.
Yes, the both specimens were the same. For the second specimen I also did in Congo Red, so I could see croziers better.
I head about P. monticola, but haven't seen it yet. It was a good year and I saw a lot:
Hymenoscyphus albidus, H. imberbis, H. fructigenus, H. kathiae, P. menthae, P. fulvidulum, H. scutula, H. subferrugineus,
maybe P. fagineum and a few more I can't id yet or uncertain.
For instance like this gorgeous H. vacini (#400) on Acer petioles and other leaves:


Hans-Otto Baral, 12-01-2021 09:37
Hans-Otto Baral
Re : yellow-green discomycete on living Carex
H. monticola cann be excluded from the paraphysis contents, at least European specimens (I remember it is an American sepcies).

Yours could be something different - DNA would show.

You say H. vacini but this is certainly not. H. vacini has short stipes and a met-like black exterior, also no yellow disc.
Khomenko Igor, 13-01-2021 02:48
Khomenko Igor
Re : yellow-green discomycete on living Carex
Thank you Zotto,
It looks like it is more complicated than I can handle right now.