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19-01-2022 02:24

Zuidland Peter

Hello all,I have found this erumpant only on Olear

19-01-2022 02:21

Zuidland Peter

Hello all,I have found this erumpant only on Olear

27-01-2019 00:41

Rubén Martínez-Gil Rubén Martínez-Gil

Hola a todos. Subo unas fotos de un asco que hemo

16-01-2022 15:10

William de Jong

Hi everyone,Found on a cone of Picea abies by Fran

16-01-2022 21:25

Robin Isaksson Robin Isaksson

Spores 10-15 x 1,8-2,3um Found on apel twig today

16-01-2022 00:16

Rubén Martínez-Gil Rubén Martínez-Gil

Hola a todos.Subo unas fotos de un Ascobolus que h

17-01-2022 13:20

Castillo Joseba Castillo Joseba

Me mandan el materila seco,  recolectado en tallo

16-01-2022 18:26

Niek Schrier

Hi everyone,I found a (lichenicolous?) fungi growi

16-01-2022 22:08

Jonah Benningfield

Hello,I was hoping to get some feedback on this As

16-01-2022 18:00

Riet van Oosten Riet van Oosten

Hello, Found 14-01-2022 on a dead stem of Rubus f

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Laurent LENEL, 27-11-2021 02:38
Laurent LENEL
Bonjour à tous, voici ce que je pense être Otidea onotica, mais les spores sont plus petites que les tailles généralement données. Qu'en pensez vous ? merci d'avance...

Spores : 9-11 x 5-6.

Asques : 120-150 x 8-11.

Paraphyses souvent courbées aux estrémités.

Pigmentation rougeâtre sur un exemplaire.

Stipe à revêtement blanc.

Hello everyone, this is what I think Otidea onotica is, but the spores are smaller than the usually given sizes. What do you think? thank you in advance...

Spores: 9-11 x 5-6.
Asques: 120-150 x 8-11.
Paraphyses often curved to the extremities.
Reddish pigmentation on one specimen.
Stipe with white coating.
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Laurent LENEL, 27-11-2021 10:46
Laurent LENEL
Re : Otidea
Bases des asquues avec crochets
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Marek Capoun, 27-11-2021 22:04
Marek Capoun
Re : Otidea
Hi, Laurent,
I think ascospores are at the lower end of the range, other characters are o.k.
Laurent LENEL, 28-11-2021 03:06
Laurent LENEL
Re : Otidea
Hi Marek

thank you very much
Viktorie Halasu, 28-11-2021 08:49
Viktorie Halasu
Re : Otidea
Hi Laurent,

among dozens of other onotica specimens I've seen one czech collection of such small-spored form, warmer part of the country, probably on basic bedrock. Spores (from dead sporeprint) were (9,7) 10,3-11,9 (12,8) × (5) 5,5-6,2 (6,5) um, avg 11 × 5,9 um, Q = (1,6) 1,7-2 (2,2). Otherwise, macro appearance, chemical reactions etc. as in typical onotica. ITS also confirmed O. onotica. 
Did you check the other characters too (excipulum of textura angularis, exudates without change in KOH and melting to amber drops in MLZ)?

Laurent LENEL, 28-11-2021 12:31
Laurent LENEL
Re : Otidea
Hi Viktorie, thank you very much for the clarification,

in fact, this harvest comes from the South of France and in the basic sector. For the other characters (excipulum of textura angularis, exudates without change in the KOH and melting in drops of amber in the MLZ) I have not checked, I do not yet have all the knowledge to do it.