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Ismael Wind

As mentioned in the title. Someone a clue what thi

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Bonjour, Débutant dans le monde des ascomycètes

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Hi there,I recently noticed tiny, reddish perithec

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Hi, I'm looking for publication: Holm, K. & 

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Found on a rotting log in Warwickshire, UK.  I th

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Bonjour, j'ai trouvé ces ascos sur Laissées de s

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Dear Forum,On black remains, probably stromatized

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Literature search. Find these two articles. Who ca

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Is this hypomyces broomeanus? It was growing on he

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Jean-Luc Ranger

Je pense à un Dasyscyphus, 0,6 mm, asques 65 x5µ

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Orbilia gambelii confirmation
Nick Aplin, 17-09-2022 16:43
Salut à tous (et en particulier Zotto!),

I collected this Orbilia species last week, on a coastal shingle bank. The collection is a little sparse, consisting of only the pictured apos (minus one taken for microscopy):

Coll: 11/9/2022, Rye Harbour Nature Reserve, East Sussex, UK. 50.924054 , 0.74207765
Herb: NA22911O
On standing stem of Dipsacus fullonum, approx 10cm from ground.

Ascospores 5.1-7.6 x 2.7-3.5 um, with +/- flexuose SB.
Paraphyses apically inflated
SCBs present in excipulum, hyaline (also orange?), often donut-shaped

Free ascospores were rare, but I observed several overmature trinacrium-like conidia on the substrate around the apos.

I see O.gambelii is already known from herbaceous substrates, but this collection is somewhat north of its known distribution, and the species is seemingly not yet known from UK, so confirmation would be welcome.


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Hans-Otto Baral, 17-09-2022 17:05
Hans-Otto Baral
Re : Orbilia gambelii confirmation
Hi Nick

although you did not illustrate the presence of SCBs in the excipulum, you saw them and I can see no reason to doubt your ID. Indeed I am a bit surprized, but this year I also got photos by Urs Roffler of a sample on Juglans from Switzerland (23.II.2022) at a place where it is at best cold-temperate.

Nick Aplin, 17-09-2022 17:43
Re : Orbilia gambelii confirmation
Many thanks for the super-fast confirmation!