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09-12-2023 10:26

Pablo P. Daniëls

Buenos días,Encontré un lophodermium en las hoja

07-12-2023 22:14

Louis DENY

Trouvé à Belfort, altitude 400m, dans une forêt

08-12-2023 01:32

Stefan Jakobsson

Now is the time of the year to have a look at old

05-12-2023 22:27

Viktorie Halasu Viktorie Halasu

Hello, I was given a Sowerbyella which, after exa

04-12-2023 19:29

Dirk Gerstner

Hello everyone, I found the following small black

07-12-2023 13:40

Andgelo Mombert Andgelo Mombert

Bonjour, Ascomes globuleux, noirs, poilus, gréga

06-12-2023 23:20

Wim de Groot

This is my forst upload. We found this little stal

07-12-2023 11:22

Pierre-Yves Julien

Bonjour à tous, En étudiant un Pulvinula, j'ai

25-11-2023 14:49

Kees van Oorde Kees van Oorde

Very small fruiting bodies on affected leaves. Fou

04-12-2023 17:46

Nogueira Héctor

Hello! 12/2/2023 Cogorderos (León) Spain Specimen

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Helvella from Hungary
József Vikár, 24-11-2022 18:46
Hello. I found this Helvella by my homeplace, under spruce (Picea). Honestly, I dont know which one is it, the stem is more grooved and the cap is more folded compared to the H. elastica, but the stem is more slender than by the H. crispa (at least seemingly). Unfortunately, I dont have a microscope, so I couldnt see the spores. My question that is it H. crispa, H. elastica or an another species entirely?

Best Regards:
József Vikár
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  • message #74474
Mario Filippa, 29-11-2022 13:37
Re : Helvella from Hungary

Helvella elastica is the best possible identification for these specimens, at least in the broad sense.


Mario Filippa