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Mot de passe perdu? S'inscrire

01-12-2023 21:54

Marian Jagers Marian Jagers

Does anyone recognize this species? Apothecia in

04-12-2023 08:32


Bonjour, récolte réalisée au sol dans un parc,

04-12-2023 10:01

François Bartholomeeusen

Dear forum participants, On a thin twig of Myrica

03-12-2023 19:21

ruiz Jose antonio

Hola a todos, en un talud cercano a un riachuelo,

28-11-2023 23:10

Villalonga Paco

On basic soil in humid bank, Teruel, Spain, around

02-12-2023 21:21

Elisabeth Stöckli

Bonsoir, Récolte en milieu incendié, apothécie

25-11-2023 14:49

Kees van Oorde Kees van Oorde

Very small fruiting bodies on affected leaves. Fou

30-11-2023 14:33

Béatrice Senn-Irlet

alll issues of Mycologia Helvetica (1983-2000) are

28-01-2014 10:50

Gernot Friebes

Hi,I'm looking for these three standard references

25-11-2023 18:14

Danny Newman Danny Newman

higher resolution images available at inaturalist.

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Ceratosphaeria-like fungus
Enrique Rubio, 22-08-2023 20:38
Enrique RubioHi friends

These isolated, non-stromatic, blackish, glabrous and up to 0.5 mm high perithecia, with a short conical papilla, were found semi-immersed or subsuperficial on indeterminate semirotten hardwood in an environment far from water, with perithecia of Natantiella ligneola.
The asci have a conspicuous and very refringent apical apparatus, so much so that at times it even appears amyloid. Its characters seem compatible with those of the genus Ceratosphaeria, but the perithecia lack long necks and the spores have smaller dimensions that seem to rule out C. lampadophora. Do you have any idea that could help me?
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Jacques Fournier, 22-08-2023 21:27
Jacques Fournier
Re : Ceratosphaeria-like fungus
Hola Enrique,
if I were you I would consider the genus Pisorisporium, aquatic, with such ascomata and ascospores and a truly amyloid apical ring.
Persoonia 34, 2015: 40–49
Good luck,
Enrique Rubio, 22-08-2023 21:55
Enrique Rubio
Re : Ceratosphaeria-like fungus
Thanks a lot, Jacques. It is the correct genus with euamyloid asci!
I will check your article tomorrow to see if it is a good match with any of the species, although in this case the wood was well away from the water.
Nice to hear from you.