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23-06-2018 19:29

Thorben Hülsewig

Hi there, last week i found this anamorph on rott

24-06-2018 18:40

Andgelo Mombert

Bonsoir,Je suis en train de travailler un lachnum

22-06-2018 18:10

Jan Knuiman

Hello,Yesterday I found these discomycetes with a

23-06-2018 17:35


Here is a very small Helotiales growing on rotting

24-06-2018 03:37

M Jonathan M Jonathan

Je sais qu'il manque des info, mais il est si dist

12-06-2016 23:19

Björn Wergen Björn Wergen

Hi there,today I was in Freibourg (Black Forest) f

08-06-2018 17:05


Bonjour,Trouvé sur vieux Diatrypaceae, environ 25

10-12-2013 16:45

Garcia Susana

Hi all Found these apothecia growing on old wood

23-06-2018 14:31

Castillo Joseba Castillo Joseba

en madera de abetoA ver que os pareceSaludosJoseba

22-06-2018 16:24


Bonjour à toutes et tous,Je pense avoir trouvé P

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Nannfeldt and UV - what wavelength?
Viktorie Halasu, 29-05-2018 19:42
Viktorie HalasuHello forum,

J.A.Nannfeldt in his 1966 paper ("On Otidea caligata, O. indivisa and O. platyspora") wrote about UV fluorescence which he had been testing in Otidea with rather promising results, planning to publish them later. However, I didn't find any later paper by him about this matter. Would anyone know, what wavelength of UV he actually used? Harmaja used 254 nm, Parslow et Spooner both 254 and 365 nm, but I didn't find any data about/by Nannfeldt. He wrote his interest in UV fluorescence was inspired by Rolf Santesson who showed him some examples of its use on lichens. So perhaps it's question for a lichenologist..

Thank you in advance.
Viktorie Halasu, 31-05-2018 21:18
Viktorie Halasu
Re : Nannfeldt and UV - what wavelength?
After having read a bit about lichens and also some Santesson's papers from that period, I think it might have been anything in the near and middle UV range (200-400 nm). Probably several wavelengths were used to demonstrate different chemical compounds.