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26-11-2022 15:20

Riet van Oosten Riet van Oosten

Hello,Found by Laurens van der Linde, November 202

30-10-2022 17:04


Bonjour à chacune et à chacun,Je suis à la rech

25-11-2022 23:03

Edvin Johannesen Edvin Johannesen

Hello! These tiny (0.3-0.4 mm) greyish yellow/pin

25-11-2022 16:59

carl van den broeck carl van den broeck

In de Belgische Ardennen vond ik zeer kleine (1 to

24-11-2022 02:15

Richard VALERI Richard VALERI

Bonjour à tous.Ref:Grelet - Discomycètes de Fran

25-11-2022 08:43

Carmel Sammut

Looking through my unidentified specimens I came a

24-11-2022 18:46

József Vikár

Hello. I found this Helvella by my homeplace, unde

16-11-2022 21:05

Robin Isaksson Robin Isaksson

Hi, This one i also have problem with so we giv

23-11-2022 21:14

Niek Schrier

hi everyone, I found a lichenicolous fungi growin

13-11-2022 18:16

Niek Schrier

hi everyone, I found this Xenonectriella/Pronectr

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Spore size of Arpinia fusispora
Hello, everyone!
My name is Angelos Papadimitriou and I am from Xanthi, Greece. This is my first message to the forum.

Could someone please tell me the spore size of Arpinia fusispora? (Any other information also appreciated).

Enrique Rubio, 22-11-2007 18:30
Enrique Rubio
Re:Spore size of Arpinia fusispora
Hello Angelos:
In a personal collection of A. fusipora, the spore size was: (14)-15-17-(18) x (5.5)-6-(6.5) µm; Lm = 16.2; Wm = 6.2; Q = (2.46)-2.60-(2.77); Qm = 2.62.
The spore size of the original description by Hohmeyer is: 'Ascosporae (12.5)- 14-16-(17) x 6-7 µm, laeves, fusiformes, subcrassae tunicatae, guttulas duas continentes.
Best wishes
Re:Spore size of Arpinia fusispora
Thank you so much, Enrique!
François Valade, 22-11-2007 19:16
François Valade
Re:Spore size of Arpinia fusispora
Hi Angelos
I have just sending you Hohmeyer's paper about the genus Arpinia where A. fusispora is described as new for science..
Welcome on Ascofrance.
Re:Spore size of Arpinia fusispora
Thank you very much, too, Francois!

The people here seem to be so helpful. I really appreciate.