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10-04-2018 06:20

Ethan Crenson

Hi all,Found recently in the Bronx, NYC, seemingly

23-04-2018 20:31

Martin Bemmann Martin Bemmann

Dear Friends,can someone provide?:LeGal, M., Petit

05-04-2015 09:09

Alain Delannoy

Bonjour,J'ai récolté des tiges mortes de Pivoine

22-04-2018 16:38

Pavol Palo

Hello friends,what do you think about Gyromitra ge

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Bonjour,Hier j'ai récolté ces petits disco sur f

23-04-2018 11:19

Castillo Joseba Castillo Joseba

Me envian muestras desde Galicia en caña comun (A

21-04-2018 11:59

Castillo Joseba Castillo Joseba

Me mandan el material seco desde GaliciaEn nido de

05-02-2013 14:00

David Kelly

Hello,I found this small orange Ascomycete in a fo

22-04-2018 18:46

Thorben Hülsewig

Hi there,yesterday i found on leaves of Nolina lon

22-04-2018 12:54

Castillo Joseba Castillo Joseba

Me mandan el material seco desde GaliciaEn rama de

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Echria macrotheca?
Marc Detollenaere, 19-03-2018 20:42
Marc Detollenaere

Good evening everyone,

On dung of sheep I recently found perithecia of about 650x500µ with tufts of agglutinated and septated brown hairs.

The asci were long-stipitate, 230x45µ and 8-spored.

I could only find a few spores outside the asci. They all had a gelatinous sheath that was slightly fringed and measured about 45x24µ

Following Nordic Sordariaceae, Lundqvist I came to Arnium macrotheca, now Echria.



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Peter Püwert, 19-03-2018 20:56
Peter Püwert
Re : Echria macrotheca?
Hi Marc,
my mushroom friend Sven has found this species last year in cow dung. I could also examine the test and confirm the finding also. Perhaps Sven announces himself, he has of it a good documentation.
Greetings Peter.
Michel Delpont, 19-03-2018 22:03
Michel Delpont
Re : Echria macrotheca?
Hello Marc

A. macrotheca, nice find, unusual species.

Marc Detollenaere, 19-03-2018 22:17
Marc Detollenaere
Re : Echria macrotheca?

Many thanks Michel and Peter.

I had doubts about it because the fringes on the sheath were not very obvious.



Norbert Heine, 20-03-2018 17:51
Norbert Heine
Re : Echria macrotheca?
As Peter and Michel said, this is clearly Echria macrotheca.
I've found it only few times. Surely a rare species!

We discussed it at sometimes.
If you want to compare, look here
or there

Marc Detollenaere, 20-03-2018 19:51
Marc Detollenaere
Re : Echria macrotheca?

Very nice pictures Norbert. Thanks