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15-02-2019 20:44

Edvin Johannesen Edvin Johannesen

Hi! These black, semi-immersed/erumpent apothecio

15-02-2019 20:32


Pouvez-vous m'aider à identifier ce Rutstroemia (

11-02-2019 12:32

Stephen Mifsud Stephen Mifsud

Can this be identified from the macro-photos alone

15-02-2019 11:03

Edvin Johannesen Edvin Johannesen

Hello! Can anyone tell me how to distinguish Nect

12-02-2019 15:49

Martzuku Eleni

In decaying leaves of castanea and olive tree and

14-02-2019 22:15

Salvador Tello

Hola.Este hongo lo recogí en agosto del 2018 en S

14-02-2019 22:32

Ethan Crenson

I found these minute black apothecioid ascos on ba

14-02-2019 21:00


Bonsoir, sur cône d'épicéa. Apothécie 250 µm

11-02-2019 15:16

Blasco Rafael Blasco Rafael

Hola, esta especie al verla pense en Eutypella sco

11-02-2019 14:56

Savic Dragisa

Very small (-0.2mm diam), on the bark of Fagus syl

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Unknown on rabbit dung
Marc Detollenaere, 14-09-2018 21:14
Marc Detollenaere

Hello forum,

On rabbit dung I discovered a number of cream-coloured sporangiophores (540x80µ) ending in a single swollen head of 290x270µ. Spores were very small(4x2µ) and hyaline.

No result with the keys in E&E.

Thanks for your help and best wishes


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Malcolm Greaves, 14-09-2018 23:23
Malcolm  Greaves
Re : Unknown on rabbit dung
Could it be a Stilbella?
Marc Detollenaere, 15-09-2018 06:31
Marc Detollenaere
Re : Unknown on rabbit dung

Dear Malcolm,


Jacky Launoy sent me a private message, also suggesting Stilbella and according to Seifert probably S fimetaria.

Could you agree?



Michel Delpont, 15-09-2018 09:41
Michel Delpont
Re : Unknown on rabbit dung
Hello Marc.

This seems like the right answer, typical on rabbit dung; but, many other species can grow on this kind of substrate and are not easy to identify.

Marc Detollenaere, 16-09-2018 08:07
Marc Detollenaere
Re : Unknown on rabbit dung

Thanks for your answer. It is not the easiest group of fungi to examine but still I find it very interesting.
Malcolm Greaves, 18-09-2018 23:46
Malcolm  Greaves
Re : Unknown on rabbit dung
Glad you got there in the end.