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Mot de passe perdu? S'inscrire

19-05-2019 17:55

Castillo Joseba Castillo Joseba

Me mandan el material seco desde Galicia,  recole

19-05-2019 18:41

Blasco Rafael Blasco Rafael

Hola, que les parece esta Orbilia no se con cual c

20-05-2019 11:18

Valencia Lopez Francisco Javier

Hola a todos/asAdjunto fotos macro/micro de unas P

18-05-2019 21:17

Django Grootmyers

Hello, I have been having trouble identifying this

20-05-2019 07:38

Ron Bronckers

Hi everybody,Can anybody provide me with a copy of

19-05-2019 12:34

Ron Bronckers

Hi everybody,I am looking for a copy of the follow

18-05-2019 22:23

Marek Marek Porubcan

Hi friends, I have been having trouble identifyin

19-05-2019 17:40

Riet van Oosten Riet van Oosten

Hello, Found by Laurens van der Linde, April/May

19-05-2019 18:15

Castillo Joseba Castillo Joseba

Me mandan desde Galicia el material seco,  recole

19-05-2019 17:12

Juuso Äikäs

Hello. I found these growing on needles of Pinus s

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Lasionectria? on Lonicera = Trichonectria hirta
Marja Pennanen, 07-10-2018 11:51
Hello forum,

yesterday I collected tiny , hairy lasionectrialike fungus on a Lonicera twig. They are about 0,1-0,2 mm wide.

The spores are quite big, 60-80x5-6, filled with droplets, propably becoming multiseptate.

The hairs are about 50-80x6-10.

I have no proper key for xyznectrias, where to find one?

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Marja Pennanen, 07-10-2018 11:55
Re : Lasionectria? on Lonicera
How to remove the other of two accidently made messages?
Nick Aplin, 07-10-2018 19:39
Re : Lasionectria? on Lonicera
Hi Marja,

Perhaps you should compare it to Trichonectria hirta?

Marja Pennanen, 07-10-2018 20:47
Re : Lasionectria? on Lonicera
Hi Nick,

thank you.

I first thoght to tell you, that how can I compare, when I have no description of the species, but after looking for a while from ascofrance and net, I managed to find photos and an old description.

T. hirta seems to fit. Nice, a totally new genera for me and the species seems new for Finland, too.

Nick Aplin, 07-10-2018 22:26
Re : Lasionectria? on Lonicera = Trichonectria hirta
Hi Marja,

It's amazing what you can find here at AscoFrance :)

Marja Pennanen, 08-10-2018 11:56
Re : Lasionectria? on Lonicera = Trichonectria hirta
Hi Nick.

I have found many, many experienced and wise persons and people, who I call dear friends from Ascofrance. Without this forum I would be even more alone in the wildeness, than I am today.

Thank you for being here: Marja