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Bonjour à toutes et tous,Avec cette écologie (ai

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Hello everyone,recently I found a large growing pl

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Bonsoir, Un magnifique Nectria s.s. (?) sur branc

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Me mandan el material de Galicia,  recolectada en

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Bonjour,Récolté en bordure de mare sur carex :Ap

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I found today small black pycnidia in the cuticle

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Hola.Unas diminutas fructificaciones fotografiadas

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Bonjour à toutes et tous,Que pensez-vous de cette

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Hello EveryonePlease could you help me with this s

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Mirek Gryc

Hi.About a month ago I downloaded a piece of wood

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Cryptodiaporthe / Plagiostoma ? on Tilia(?)
Stefan Blaser, 28-02-2021 20:18
Hello everybody,

I am not getting on with the following collection:

Substrate: From wood anatomy I get to Tilia, but then, I am not very experienced in wood anatomy...

Macro: Perithecia immersed in bark in groups of 2-8, black, globose, with a diameter of 0.4-0.7 mm, with a long ostiolar neck that is slightly laterally compressed and reaches 0.4 mm in length. No black delimiting zones in wood/bark.

Micro: Asci 60-75 x 8-9 µm, apical ring strongly red in Congo. Paraphyses not seen. Spores two-celled, 18-20 x 3-3.5 µm, hyaline and with a hyaline, pointed appendix of 3-4 µm in lenght on each end.

Maybe I get the substrate wrong which might explain the identification difficulties.

Anyway, I would be very grateful for any hints.

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Enrique Rubio, 28-02-2021 20:28
Enrique Rubio
Re : Cryptodiaporthe / Plagiostoma ? on Tilia(?)
Hi Stefan
I am far from being an expert in wood anatomy, but I think yours is not Tilia, whose bark has a typical reticulate structure. And in this type of fungi, knowing the host is very important.
Good luck!
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Stefan Blaser, 28-02-2021 20:36
Re : Cryptodiaporthe / Plagiostoma ? on Tilia(?)
Dear Enrique, Thanks! Yes I know this. However I keep getting to Tilia. Next best hit until now would be Acer (campestre). But you are right, I should keep working on the correct host!


Stefan Blaser, 01-03-2021 20:02
Re : Cryptodiaporthe / Plagiostoma ? on Tilia(?)
Hi everybody,

Maybe I was a bit lazy first...

After some more work I pinned down the substrate to Acer spec. and ended at

Apiognomonia hystrix (Tode) Sogonov

which fits nicely.

Best wishes,