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Buenos díasMe han pasado esta Scutellinia recogid

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Dear forum members,On a rotten piece of wood I fou

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Bonjour tous While processing images of this deli

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I would be grateful for an opinion on this Orbilia

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Hello all.I would ask for help in identifying this

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These i found on the side of a dry creek in the Ne

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Hola, He recogido este ascomyceto que crece de m

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And one more question from me for today.It was the

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Hemos encontrado éste Geoglossum en hábitat alpi

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Thorben Hülsewig

Hi there,3 days ago I found this ascomycet on leav

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Otidea sp. (bufonia?)
Marek Capoun, 02-09-2021 22:31
Marek CapounHello everybody,
I need help with the determination of this Otidea (bufonia?).
Collected in a warm mixed, mainly deciduous forest on the humous calcareous soil under linden, hornbeam, pine and oak, altitude cca 300 m.
Apothecia max. 20 mm on average, shallowly cup-shaped, split, shortly stalked, no ribs or veins; hymenium brown, outer side lighter.
Ectal excipulum with text. globulosa or angularis, medulla text. intricata. Resinous exudates rare, not turning bright yellow in 10% KOH.
Asci 160 - 200 µm long, paraphyses curved, slightly curved or straight, without claviform or capitate apices, sometimes very slightly swollen, no notches.
Ascospores smooth, oval with rounded ends, Me = 14.8 × 7.7 µm, Qe = 1.9; with 2 large and several smaller LBs.
Thanks for your help.
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Viktorie Halasu, 03-09-2021 00:12
Viktorie Halasu
Re : Otidea sp. (bufonia?)

I think this would better fit that difficult O. alutacea complex, there are specimens having such a larger amount of yellow exudate. In that case, spore size would suggest one of the large-spored clades (alutacea s.l.). I don't have much experience with living specimens of Otidea, but in exsiccate I've seen collections ranging from very pale sandy yellow to (dark) ochre on the external side, and hymenium from pale yellow to hazel to dark coffee brown. Where is it from, by the way, somewhere near Znojmo? 


Marek Capoun, 03-09-2021 00:36
Marek Capoun
Re : Otidea sp. (bufonia?)
Yes, NP Podyjí, segment Daníž, near Hnanice.
Such a pretty and rich piece of forest...
Are you interested in exsiccate?
Btw., after 2 weeks in the fridge apothecia are (still alive) dark brown on both sides.